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The Amazing Secret of The Law of Attraction: The Law of Attraction Exposed

By Mokie T. Cairn

I am frequently asked, "Why is it that the Law of Attraction seems to work only for a lucky few?"
In this article, you will learn:
Why the Law of Attraction seems not to work for most people. Why it is so important to consciously ask? What is allowing?The concept of the Law of Attraction can be difficult to get our heads around. This article will lay down the basics for you.

Think back a couple of hundred years. People had no concept of gravity till Sir Isaac Newton got knocked on the head by that apple. It hadn't occurred to him until that moment that some force of nature was at work because if there wasn't, why didn't the apple fall up?
Suddenly, a new branch of science was born which would try to dig up all the facts about this strange force.

In the 1800's a British fellow was experimenting with moving a wire through a magnetic field. He felt a little poke at the ends of the wire. Further experiments led to the discovery of electromagnetism an…

Controlling Your Desires Is The Basis For Personal Power, And Its Mastery Is The Payoff

Tony Fahkry

Succumbing To the Egoic Needs

The most significant thing we can do to control our desires is to let go of the attachment we have to them. The Buddha believed desire is the reason for pain and suffering in the world. This is embodied in the endless cycle of wanting and craving that keeps us trapped. Similarly, the British philosophical writer James Allen once wrote: "Desire is as insatiable as the ocean, and clamours louder and louder as its demands are attended to."

He touched on something relevant: the more we feed our desires the more they grow in intensity. Consider this in your own life. Do you have a desire to be in a relationship, lose weight, get promoted at work or qualify for a certain position? These are reasonable desires and if not met, we become disappointed, angry and even depressed.

But how is it possible to be free of desires in the modern world? Everywhere we turn we are flooded with marketing and advertising selling us a way of life that is out of …

What Burns Our Thirsty Souls

By Alexa Keating

The soul is the place where the life force resides, from the first life breath that began our lifetime to the moment our last and final breath is expelled. This is the most sacred place in the human body; yet all too easily its existence is ignored as it thirsts for the best we can become to materialize. A thirsty soul is the result of ignoring and failing to cultivate the traits that set us apart from other life forms. Compassion, empathy, kindness, sympathy and even remorse for wrong actions all provide the nourishment that refreshes our soul.

 Our highest consciousness exists within our soul. Ignoring these traits effectively burns our soul, leaving a seared consciousness that has no conscience. No integrity, morality, principles or ethics exist in the person with a seared conscience; the very best any person could be becomes buried in the rubble of resistance to those higher traits.

It is against human nature to violate the behaviors that set us above the animal king…

Reduce Your Stress by Knowing Your Personal Stress Profile

By Paula Eder

Stress. It's insidious and debilitating. It eats at your peace of mind, robbing you of sleep, adding pounds and wrinkles, and poisoning your moments.
But you know there's another way to live. Not only that, but your potential to grow more openhearted and at ease shines inside of you right now.
The key to your potential lies in becoming an expert on what triggers your stress. As you begin to see where your stress starts, you empower yourself - and that's a stress reducer in and of itself.
By simply taking the quiz below, you start to develop an overview. Then, by taking action to address your stress, you send yourself a powerful message.
You care!

It's a recipe for stress success. You're learning in advance when to expect stress. You're exploring ways to siphon stress out of your day. You ease up a little. You free yourself in small steps.
So let's get started with a quick quiz...

What's Your Stress Profile?

With this quiz, you discover your unique …

Never Give Up Because If You Do What Is Easy, Your Life Will Be Hard

Do you want to live an easy life or a difficult one? I know, it's a worthless question because who wants to live a life filled with pain and suffering? Yet, this is what many people choose every day, whether they are conscious of it or not. I don't intend to disparage them, however in coaching hundreds of people over the years, many of them unknowingly choose a difficult life because they make easy choices instead of important ones.

Considering this, think about the choices you're making right now and their respective actions. Are they moving you towards growth and freedom or pain and suffering? Easy choices means staying within our comfort zone without exploring our limitations where real growth occurs. Sure, it's difficult to venture outside our comfort zone because of the psychological and emotional strain. However, if we do what is easy, life will be difficult because our comfort zone does not equate to personal growth to achieve our bigger goals. How does this app…

90 Minute Jam Session

By Charles Fitzgerald Butler

The 90-minute Jam Session is your key to insane productivity. How do you get more of your most vital priorities done? Furthermore, can these 90-minute jam sessions help you level up? Not to mention help you leapfrog the average competitor and increase your revenues.
This simple technique will help you become more effective with your job, family, and other activities. I am going to show you how to become insanely productive while eliminating the things that keep you tied down. You will identify your most vital functions.

The Busy Myth

Being busy is a myth. For instance, you Do Not have to get everything done. You don't have to be "Busy". Busyness is a form of laziness. As a matter of fact, busyness keeps you from working on your most valuable priorities. People wear busyness like a badge of honor. Don't be Busy be Effective.
Insane Productivity

I learned how to be insanely productive from Darren Hardy's, Insane Productivity Program. I invest…
By Estra Roell

Worry is one of the biggest obstacles to creating what people want in their lives. Most of us grew up with the idea that if you weren't worrying you just didn't care about the outcome. I've heard parents say, "It's my job to worry about my children." Worry comes up because you fear you won't get what you want or that something bad will happen. Or, you might think that worry will cause you to be prepared in the event that things don't work out.
Worry is a lack of trust in the Universe/The-All-That-Is/Source/God. It's a lack of trust in ourselves as creator beings. The truth is that we aren't meant to struggle. We're meant to thrive. Life is supposed to be fun and easy. When you are in alignment with what you want, you embrace a feeling of lightness, joy, appreciation and trust. Worry actually keeps what you want away from you. If you are sending out a vibration of worry, then you simply attract more worry.

There is a gap between…

3 Reasons Working Alone Can Kill Your Success

By W Timothy Johnson

One of the biggest problems people have in achieving their Goals is that they get discouraged, distracted or diverted from the end result. Given the level of cultural noise most of us experience today, it can be extremely difficult to focus on what needs to be done. I speak from experience here. I find myself torn in multiple directions, less because I'm trying to do than having legitimate responsibilities that pop up.

So, how do we handle these situations? For many of us we try to power through what's going on. We try to get it all done in the same time it would take to do a quarter of what's landed on our plates. We try to go it alone. We work long hours and become exhausted, unable to get anything done, much less all of it.
In these situations the common factor is often that we're working alone. We're working on our Goals alone. We're working on our responsibilities alone. We're working on the solutions alone. That's one of the wors…

Does Your Leader, Actually, LEAD?

By Richard Brody

Although, many individuals, either, are elected, selected, and/ or, ascend, to certain positions of leadership, no one, earns the right, to be considered, as a genuine leader, until/ unless, he can be counted on, to effectively, LEAD others, in a meaningful, relevant, service - oriented manner! True leaders avoid blaming, and complaining, and are willing to assume personal responsibility! How can anyone, make a difference, for the better, and earn the necessary respect, unless/ until, he clearly demonstrates, he will be a vehicles, for quality, relevant, sustainable, change? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why, it's so essential, to becoming a true leader.

1. Listen; learn; lessons; leading: One must be ready, willing, and able, to listen, effectively, and thoroughly, far more, than he speaks, This is often challenging, because, for many, their favorite…

Using Pleasure to Create the Life You Want

By Dr Kate Siner

Our pleasure shows us where we are in alignment. It is a natural built-in system that shows us what is right for us. However, not all experiences we might label as pleasurable are created equal.
It is helpful to learn to differentiate between types of pleasure. For example, eating a piece of chocolate cake might feel good in the moment, but that does not necessarily mean it is in alignment with you. To determine whether it is or not, you need to pay attention to the entire experience. How do you feel after you eat the chocolate cake? Does it continue to be a pleasurable experience?

It is also helpful to pay attention to the quality of the pleasure. Is it consistent throughout the layers of the experience? Using the same example of the chocolate cake, it might feel good in your mouth but not in your body. Or, maybe it negatively impacts our emotions because it's more food than we actually need and we know it, and so we feel a little uncomfortable about having eaten it…

Timely Tips for a Grounding, Refreshing and Energizing Morning Ritual

By   |  Your morning ritual is a special promise you make to yourself. And while the promise is important, it's KEEPING that promise that builds self-trust and sustains you.
In solitude, and in the promises you make and keep, you craft a bridge between your essential self and the challenges you meet as you go about your day.

For a morning ritual that refreshes you, try these five tips:

TIP #1

Sow the seeds for a fulfilling morning ritual the night before.
Your subconscious drinks in positive suggestions as you drift off to sleep. So envision being fully immersed in the pleasure of your morning ritual as you end your day. Allow the pleasure to soften the edges of the day you are ending. You'll emerge from sleep more refreshed and prepared for your special time.

TIP #2

Create a rewarding intention for your ritual each morning.
It is a simple way to affirm your power to bring happiness into your day. Begin your morning ritual describing just how you would like to support yo…

The Quality Of Your Life Is Not Determined By Doing And Having. It Is Found In The Being

By Tony Fahkry

Get To The Root Of What Is Causing Your Pain

I want you to think about what is taking place in your life right now. Are your actions driven by the impulse to do or gain something? Allow me to explain. A good deal of our activities relates to doing or gaining something in order to feel good about ourselves. Whether pursuing a goal, the emotions generated because of our achievement provide a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. I'm not discounting the value of goals, I want you to understand that doing and having is not the aim for your life, it comes from who you are as a person. That is: your actions and possessions are merely the vehicles that allow you to experience the wholeness of yourself.

For example, consider how you feel when you achieve a particular goal? No doubt you experience excitement but the underlying feeling is that of an enhanced self-worth? The feelings we experience make our pursuits worthwhile because it validates our accomplishments. Every action…

What's Holding You Back From Living Your Best Life?

By Susan Leigh

Whether we work for ourselves or for others, are still in education or are even moving towards our later years, many of us will have occasion, wherever we may be on our life's path, to feel motivated to better ourselves. We may aspire to greater heights educationally or business-wise, be keen to improve our personal traits and habits and as such aim to start living our best life.
However, when we're so full of good intentions what might it be that holds us back?

- One question might be, do we ever feel good enough? However much we achieve there's always something else to aspire to. Is being content with ourselves an elusive goal, are we loathe to become self-satisfied or complacent? Whilst it's great to be motivated and look forward to our next opportunity or achievement is there also a time when it's okay to be okay?

- What about those negative conversations that are continually running in your head; do you recognise them as your own voice or are they s…

Invest in You!

Aian Guanzon

Interested in financially investing in something but do not really have enough means to do so (or you assume so)? Day-dreaming about yourself running businesses and investments while planning for that vacation you have always wanted with your family and friends? If you are, just like most of us, going to the office daily, working hard to get by paycheck-to-paycheck and only have enough savings for emergency funds, you've got a long way to go to achieve that dream of yours. But hey, it is possible! The word "investment" would have probably stunned you one way or another; it sounds like a hefty terminology used only by businessmen and entrepreneurs, doesn't it? But it sure does sound pretty cool and upscale.

Investment is defined in many ways and understood in much more angles. It doesn't have to be purely about money or cash, and doesn't have to be immediately started in bonds or real estate either. You can start in small things, and with baby steps…