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The Creative Entrepreneur - Best Of All Worlds

Being a creative spirit in this cold hard world can sometimes feel like it's a liability and not the gift that it actually is. This is constantly reinforced by the way society always showcases and boxes the creative people as loopy, crazy or nut cases in every medium and form they can. These stereotypes are just that, stereotypes! Don't be fooled into thinking that you must act crazy to be a truly successful creative.

Great art, whether it is painting, visual, writing, photography or any other creative outlet offers us a life full of meaning. Great successful creatives are those who have been able to achieve balance between the intellectual and the emotional aspects of their creative being and have somehow used this to create and fashion a world where they are able to not only support themselves but succeed beyond their wildest dreams!

How has this been achieved? Mostly by those people actually staying true to themselves. Artistic people by their very nature will always buck the trend and not follow accepted wisdom and the status-quo.

This does not mean that all creatives are a mixture of purple and orange haired, alien looking weirdo's!

Finding the balance between your artistic flair and talent and the intellectual business-minded you is imperative!
Ask yourself this - how many creatives do you know who are very successful at what they do and yet when you look at their work you see nothing that's really worth that success? Alternatively, how many truly great creatives do you know that do not seem to have the success that you feel they should have?
I for one, know plenty of people who fall into both sides of that camp!

The same thought process that creatives use in within their craft usually follows them when it comes to traditional methods of earning money. There's nothing wrong with this. It's called being an entrepreneur! Clap your hands and pat yourself on the back. Creatives think that being a successful creative is hard - the same way that every other entrepreneur thinks. Ask yourself this, what can possibly be more creative than crafting not only your own life but your own means of making a living? Nothing!

Every successful business person knows this, just like they know that there will always be the hard times ahead!

The hard work is not because you are a creative but rather stems from the fact that you are your own boss - the architect of your own destiny. Grab it with both hands and learn to fly. You have more going for you than the average entrepreneur - you create things of your own including your destiny!

My crazy world has included successfully combining all the skills of a artist, photographer, designer, programmer, and marketer into one crazy life.
I'm available for guest blogging, article writing and speaking events.
~ Frank
Tazz 1 Pty Ltd
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