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A simple way to break a bad habit | Judson Brewer

We've heard before, we are the sum total of the habits and lifestyle patterns we adopt.  But, we all know that if we have a bad habit, a pattern we want to change; it's easier said than done to break it and form a new more desirable habit that helps us towards our goals in life.  In this video psychiatrist Judson Brewer picks apart and explains how we develop our habits and how to break the cycle in order to form new ones.  If failure is the sum of our bad habits, then success must be the sum of our good ones!!

Stay blessed!

Simon Anderzon
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Practices of Living an Extraordinary Life

Life is full of mysteries which include happiness and unfortunately hardships. Solving all the turmoil's that is associated with daily living is challenging yet can be rewarding as well. Attempting to keep pace with rigorous daily schedules in a world that continues to evolve with the introduction of new technology and the ever present danger of outside influences from other countries only increases the burden which dwells on the negatives instead of the positives which are ever present, however never recognized.

Life is more than financial freedom, although this appears to be the goal of the majority of individuals who seek such freedom. The steps to financial freedom are steep and narrow requiring dedication and sacrifices that are at times insurmountable and cumbersome. Focusing on obtaining what is often out of reach to many, detracts from the true rewards of life, simple yet inspiring daily surroundings that are taken for granted however remain clearly visible, ever present at…

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

Procrastination!  It's the mental dysfunction which causes us to put off what we know we need to do, but for some inexplicable reason can't quite motivate ourselves to do it!  This mental block can mean that weeks, months, even years can go by and we end up doing nothing or leaving what we need to do so long that we end up in a chronic stress situation because we've put ourselves under heaps of pressure to fulfil a deadline! 

In this TED talk from Tim Urban, he explains what is going on in our heads when we behave like this and how we can break the self-defeating pattern!  Hope you like it!!

Simon Anderzon
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How to Reduce the Never Ending Stress in Your Life

Everybody experiences stress in life. Stress is actually brought about by a personal perceived inability to cope with certain situations.

Stress is really unavoidable in life but it can be reduced. You just need to find out what is responsible for causing it in the first place.
There are 2 types of stress: acute and chronic stress. Acute stress is short in duration but chronic occurs over a long period of time. Chronic stress is never good for the human body. It increases oxidative stress in the cells which can lead to health conditions such as anxiety, depression, stroke, heart problems and cancer. Stress also increases acidity in the body which isn't good for the cellular environment either.
The following ways can help alleviate stress in your life and assist in helping you achieve optimal health.
10 ways to decrease stress in your life
Social Support: Have a good social support system. Talk to someone you can trust about your situation. This has been proven to alleviate stress.

How to Easily Unlock Your Creativity and Thrive

By Rosina S Khan

Ever wondered how you can tap your creative side and thrive?
It is easy peasy. Read on to find out.

First of all, you have to be crystal clear what meaning you will give to being creative and then act on it. You have to be fully aware what creative activities exist out there and pick one or two and do them and find for yourself which of them resonates best with you.
Creative activities can be for instance, painting, making handicrafts, art, drawing, singing, dancing and plotting and writing fiction stories or novels. Do any of these speak to you or spark you? Think about which of these will make you lose yourself absolutely and you will be able to be fully in focus no matter what distractions are there in your environment. Of course, you will want to lull all noises and interruptions in your surroundings and then work on the creative activity you have chosen.

Either way you are the winner so long you persist and persevere. Spending time on your creative activity does make…

Tony Robbins - LIMITLESS PASSION (Inspirational Video)

People are not lazy.  They simply have goals that do not inspire them - Tony Robbins. 

Most of us are living life trying to fulfil goals that we're not inspired by.  We're trying to fulfil the goals that society has told us to fulfil.  Get the best job you can, get the best house and car you can, raise your kids, retire, die.  Real inspiring! But, what are you passionate about and are you giving yourself the permission to let that inner voice and inner desire be realised?  None of us will ever feel happy and fulfilled in life unless we listen to that desire in our hearts and go after it.  Tony Robbins helps us understand the things which hold us back from following what 'inspires' us, that which energises and ignites our interest.  That's what we were 'made' to do.  Most are missing it.  You don't have to be one of them!  Be courageous, and be inspired by those who have done the very thing you envy them for, the very thing you've made excuses as to …

Building Real Self-Confidence Part 2

By John P Hickey

We know that you can build the feelings of self-confidence by how you hold yourself, look and act. But the real battleground for self-confidence is in the mind. Self-confidence is all about what you think, your attitudes and what you believe to be true. If you do not get your thinking right, nothing else will last for long. The two areas all work together; the physical, and the mental, however, your thinking is the key to real self-confidence.
Have you ever thought about what you think about? Seems like a funny question, however, the vast majority of people never really think about what they are thinking about. They carry around negative and angry thoughts and wonder why they are not happy.

They spend their time thinking about all that could go wrong in life and wonder why they are fearful and anxious. They think about how much work and effort it will take to succeed and wonder why they cannot get going on their goals. Ask yourself, "What do I think about most of t…

Building Real Self-Confidence part 1

By John P Hickey...

"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy." - Dale Carnegie

I have been studying, writing about, teaching and applying the principles of successful living for close to forty years now. These principles are timeless, changeless and there for everyone to apply and benefit from. I have also discovered that the principles of success are often misunderstood, feared, misrepresented and lied about. None more than the principle of self-confidence.
The principle of self-confidence has been twisted and redefined into many things, none that truly represent what real confidence is. It has been called "Self-Centeredness" and often turned into a narcissistic search for self satisfaction. It is seen as an over inflated ego and people who are confident are the ones who step on others in order to get ahead. Self-confidence is presented as a lack of real…

How To Be a Morning Person

Here's some great tips on how to get up early, start the day on a more positive and purposeful note!  This is a really big challenge for most of us, so we all need some help with this one!  But, although it can seem like a big hurdle to get over and a difficult habit to form, things can be made a whole lot easier just by making some simple changes to our routine.  Here Kalyn Nicholson shares her tips on this subject and over 2 million people have enjoyed it.  Hope you do too!   Stay blessed!

-Simon Anderzon

The Life Abundant Network

Why Do I Believe In The Law Of Attraction? Part 2

Conclusion of 'Why do I believe in the Law of Attraction'
By Pedro Avalos

My jaw dropped to the floor. Here she was, my oldest sister, the one who had always given me grief. I absolutely never expected something like this from her. She was broke all the time. She always called me to borrow money or to ask for some kind of help. She was divorced and never got married again, and having two teenagers - one in high school and another in the first year of college - was not easy.
Here I was in the 89th day of my 90-day exercise, and see what was happening? The Universe was fulfilling my dream through a person from whom I never expected anything!
"Good night, little kid. I am going to deposit the money tomorrow in your bank account, so don't forget to check it out. You don't want me to do everything and go to buy it and drive it to your home, right?"
"Of course not; have a good night sister."
As soon as we hung up, I practiced my exercise and went to sleep. I di…


If we want to achieve what successful people have achieved we'll need to think and behave the way they did!  This video gives us some of the thought and behavioural strategies and lifestyle habits of those who have reached for and achieved their goals in life.  We'll never be truly content unless we decide to think outside the box and reach for the dream and passion that's planted inside.  It just depends how much we want to achieve a life outside of the mundane, outside of simply getting by.  These keys don't just apply to being successful financially, but are general rules of thumb to help us overcome the obstacles that life throws our way, because they will always come if we want to move beyond the norm to achieve greatness!

-Simon Anderzon
-The Life Abundant Network

Why Do I Believe In The Law Of Attraction? Part 1

By Pedro Avalos

Not long ago, I didn't believe in the law of attraction. I was the perfect prototype of a skeptic. Somewhere at the bottom of my heart I knew there could be something beyond our mainstream way of thinking, but I was not willing to waste my valuable time finding out what it was. Besides, I was afraid to be seen as ridiculous for talking about this subject.
I am an engineer with years of experience producing and maintaining big plants of more than 10,000 workers. Everything in my profession was planned according to studied rules, and we always tried to minimize the unpredictable. It worked. Our job was always satisfactory and went according to plan.

I grew up in a very strict environment. My father constantly emphasized the importance of staying within the bounds of science, because although science could be imperfect, it was the best information available. To climb the ladder of success and compete as a top industry executive I earned three Master's degrees: one in…

Wishing for a Sign: Eight Signs That You Are on the Right Track

By Susan Meindl, MA

Within the span of one week in my therapy practice, a young woman sits in front of me contemplating beginning a grueling professional training and wonders whether she has the temperament for it. A young man agonizes about a decision to take a lucrative job or return to grad school as he had planned. A middle-aged man contemplates a wholesale career change because he is frustrated and disillusioned with his current path. Another young woman has just been refused for a post-graduate training program and wonders whether she should re-apply next year.
Each one looks at me with eyes full of suffering and tension and says "I wish I had a guarantee. I wish I knew that it would work out. I could be so brave and work so hard if I could only be certain!"
One young man says, "I keep wishing for a sign!"

Choosing at the crossroads:

So many of us arrive at this place at some point in our lives. It is a poignant and painful place to be. Sometimes a demanding life …

Simon Sinek: The Video That Will Change Your Life

A video that has the potential to change your life.  It's all about mind-set shift.  Enough said!

Simon Anderzon
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5 Rituals That Predict Success | Robin Sharma

Consistency is the mother of mastery!  Here Robin Sharma gives five great daily rituals that can set you up for success in whatever life goals you want to reach.  If we want to get somewhere in life, taking a look at our daily rituals will really tell us whether we're going to be successful or not. 

- The ritual of early rising
- The ritual of strategic time-blocking
- The ritual of over-delivering
- The 60-minute student
- The ritual of private reflection

These habits will help us to get where we want to go.  Hope this blesses you!! 

Simon Anderzon

-The Life Abundant Network

Life Outside Your Phone

By Debbie L. Bajgert

I realize that times change and that each generation does things differently than the one before it. I also understand that the world around us requires us to change the way we do things. I do believe, however, that with all the technology created to make our lives easier, we've actually allowed ourselves to become even busier than we were before. This is about how we choose to manage that.

Obviously things change over time, usually a lot of time so that we don't even notice it happening. The goal of these advancements is to allow us to get more done in less time. I think, however, we've taken that free time and filled it up with even more things to do, usually online and usually via our phone. Yes, we get more done, but I don't think we've gained anything because we're not using it for things we want to do; we just keep adding in more things we think we have to do. I think we're so addicted now to filling up our time that we simply don&#…