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What Are You Doing When No One Is Watching? - Study Motivation

We all need inspiration to have the courage and belief to break out of the 'norm' and do life 'outside the box'.  The kind of people we surround ourselves with are the kinds of people we become. But, we don't always need to be in their company.  We can view their content for example and listen to their life stories.  Inspiration of others who have tried and failed and persevered until they've succeeded is one of the most powerful methods of propelling us towards our goals in life.  So, here's a video to do just that.  Reach for your goals, and if you fail the first time, try and try again until you SUCCEED!!  It's part of living a life of Abundance!!  Go for gold!!

The Life Abundant Network

An Extraordincary Life Cannot Be Acquired In School

By Sergei VanBellinghen
It seems pretty evident that an extraordinary life cannot be acquired in school. However, children and young people are often taught that studying and working hard will eventually lead them to success. The irony of it all is that people who are not doing so well in school usually finish by making it in life. When you are small, you are taught that if you want to be successful and have a good life, you have to study rigorously, work hard and get good results at school. So it seems that the norm is getting straight A's in school if you want to have a lucrative existence.
But in truth, how many become successful after school, college or university is ending?
It seems that school dropouts are the ones creating an extraordinary life for themselves while the straight 'A' students work for them in their multi-dollar businesses. The people who do not do so well in school have the feeling that they will not be a good employee or make real money…

Embrace Life - Motivational Video

So many people lack happiness, yet most are searching for it.  Truth is, happiness is available for all of us, but few are willing to do what it takes to obtain it.  Happiness comes from being authentic with ourselves and with others and acknowledging what it is in our hearts that we 'really' want to do, and doing everything to achieve that goal.  If you think you fit into that category, this video will really help you.  Be blessed and leave a comment about your thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

Organize Your Life and Your Estate

As we get further into 2017 why don't you make a resolution to get your life organized! Do something for your family and yourself.
Being "organized" isn't just about clearing out the clutter in your closet. It's about everyday life. Being organized is a life style. It's a life "choice".
People can walk through life aimlessly. Going from one crisis to another with no plan. Or they can have a "life plan" and know what they want and how they are going to get there.

Don't get me wrong - it's not always easy. Even if you have a "plan" the road can be very rocky if not impossible.
But without a plan - a course of action - you will never get there and never achieve your goals.
It's sort of like building a house. You have to decide what "kind" of house you want to build. What style? What do you want it to look like? How many bedrooms? Where are you going to put the windows and doors? What type of flooring? Who is going t…

The Moment All Confidence Is Born

All confidence is born in a tiny, fleeting easy to miss moment. These moments happen hundreds of times a day. Confident people have taught themselves to (1) spot these opportunities, and (2) once spotted - to give birth to their confidence.
All confidence is not fixed, but it's in a constant state of fluctuation. Confidence is always going up and down. This is normal. Everything that happens to you every second of each day moves your confidence up or down, causing this fluctuation.
You are talking to yourself twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. You are likely to have become so used to this internal chatter that you don't even realize it's happening. But listening to what your inner voice is saying to you is critical in your pursuit of confidence.
Sadly for most of us this inner voice is negative, fearful and insecure, in other words - not confident. It drags you down till you are insecure. Even the most confident of people have moments when this internal voice is nega…

Tony Robbins: Overcome Your Negative Emotions (Tony Robbins Depression)

Wow! I just love getting to the root of what makes us human beings tick!  When we can understand ourselves we can understand what's driving us and then we can learn how to be free from negative driving forces.  Tony Robbins teaches about how to move from living with negative emotions to living with happiness.  I hope you like this as much as I did.  You know you need it :)

6 Ways To Boost Happiness

People often wonder why happy people are so happy. Do they have special powers? Of course, not! However, they do have ways of mastering their own happiness. They spend time expressing gratitude, cultivating optimism, practicing kindness, nurturing loving relationships, committing to meaningful goals, savoring life's little pleasures, etc... But guess what?
Happiness is available to everyone. Help yourself to it! - Thich Nhat Hanh

We've listed 6 ways you can find your happiness!

1. Mind Your Business:

Yes, this may sound harsh. However, this is a key to happiness. Not allowing yourself to become consumed by others business. Helps you! The energy and time you spend wondering all the "What if's" You are creating negative spaces to dwell in. Instead of worrying or creating anxiety for yourself. Create peace and harmony by removing the discord from your life. Albert Einstein once said, "From discord find harmony". Here's his entire quote:

"Three Rules of…

The Meaning - Jim Carrey

What is it that so many people are missing in their lives?  Why is it that so many people have trouble feeling 'fulfilled' in what they're doing?  This video gives an insight into how we find that thing we need to be doing in order to feel fulfilled.   Jim Carrey shares his story!  Enjoy!

Put Aside That Proud Badge of Honor of Being Busy

Ask anyone, "Hey, what you been up to lately?" and I'll guarantee the response will sound something like this, "I'm so busy! I barely have time to breathe!"
Or, maybe this, "There's just not enough hours in the day!"
Of course, it is said in a rush, so as to punctuate the importance of their busyness. To convince those who may listen, that they have a full, accomplished life.
Being busy, these days, is worn as a badge of honor. It is something we have come to be quite proud of and at any opportunity, we readily brag about it to others.
In fact, we have become so enamored with "being busy," we worship it as if it is a religion. We are deeply devoted to our made up generally agreed upon beliefs and practices, and, we observe them as if they contain a moral code which governs all human affairs.
Nothing else is as important than being busy, no matter how stretched or exhausted we may become.

Each day, each moment, without question, we scramble…

I had a black dog, his name was depression

Are you feeling low, or anxious?  One of our biggest problems with these issues is that we think we're somehow alone in the experience, that no one would ever understand how we're feeling.  Truth? Truth is there are a 'lot' of people going through the same thing.  It's only the fact that talking about mental health issues is presently somehow taboo!  If you're someone who struggles with these kinds of experiences, know that you are definitely 'not' alone in it.  There is a lot of help out there and it is not a hopeless situation.  Maybe this video will be a start.  7 million other people watched this, so what does that tell you??  Stay strong!

The Power Of Precious Moments: How To Cherish The Gift Of Now

Escape the Here and Now
"How shall I attain Eternal Life?"
"Eternal Life is now. Come into the present."
"But I am in the present now, am I not?"
"Why not?"
"Because you haven't dropped your past."
"Why should I drop my past? Not all of it is bad."
"The past is to be dropped not because it is bad but because it is dead."

Precious moments are the fertile seeds, life embeds into your now experience.
Anthony de Mello's opening fable reminds us of the futility of clutching onto the past, since our needs are met when we are grounded in the present moment.
It is difficult to stay present when bombarded with the avalanche of outside noises vying for our attention.
Mobile phone devices and other electronic gadgets prevent us from opening to the present moment because our attention span is limited.
The need to escape from the here and now through multitasking, for example, is based on the assumption that we will b…

Meditation for Sleep: Calming Music, Sleep Music, Stress Relief, Inner ...

How's your stress level's right now?!  Whatever it is that has caused us to get into a stressful, anxious state the effect is the same.  It hinders every area of our lives and acts like a weight on our minds and emotions.  Jason Stephenson produces some amazing videos for relaxation and building of self-esteem.  This is another great one!  Lie down, get the headphones on and let it help you to return to a place of emotional and mental ease and calm!  We're all much more able to function in that state!

Walls Can Trap Us

My pedicurist is so wise! At my last appointment she was talking about how people can be imprisoned by unresolved issues.
Roxanne placed her hand at chest level with palm down as she explained that trouble comes and the individual doesn't do anything to resolve it. She then used the other hand and, with palm down, placed it on top stating that the next problem occurs and begins forming a pile. Over time, the pile gets higher and higher and higher until the person is enclosed by a wall. Even though the wall protects him or her, they really hate the wall! At the same time, however, they are dreadfully afraid that the wall might come down because they wouldn't know how to handle that.

This is so true and I see situations like this every day in my office.
The couple who are in a high-conflict divorce have piled up a wall of offenses that they feel justifies their own actions. They are emotionally upset by the hurtful things that the other person has done and are busy pointing fingers…