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9 Proofs You Can Increase Your Brain Power

Ever noticed problems with memory recall and concentration?  We probably all have at some point.  But, is it possible to improve brain function, or is it possible to do things which have a negative effect on brain function?  This video shows the answer is a definite yes!  Here's 9 things that can have an effect on our brains cognitive function, and of course how effective our thinking ability or lack of can have a knock on effect on our confidence and self-esteem.  Enjoy!!

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If You Are Often Unhappy, Here Are Ten Things Research Shows You Could Find Helpful

By John Harvey Murray

Some time ago, there was a report by the London School of Economics on happiness. It said, among other things, that people who are married or in long term relationships tend to be happier and live longer than other people. This will surprise anyone who has listened to too many old-fashioned jokes about "the wife" and "the mother-in-law". Who is laughing now? The Report also mentions depression and stress as major reasons why many people are not happy. I have written about my contribution to stress on one of my blogs.
I am aware of a lot of other research in the last decade or so, which began in the University of Mexico, into what makes us happy, which made a change from all the studies in the Twentieth Century into neuroses, psychoses, manias etc. In other words, they used to study only people who were far from happy.

Here are the ten principal elements:

A. Accumulation of wealth does not make you happier. Poverty makes people unhappy, but beyond…

Busy People vs. Productive People

We've all felt it - stressed out of our brains!  No matter how hard we try to keep up with the crazy demands of life and keep on top of things, somehow it just seems impossible!  As this video shows, some of the busiest people are some of the most unproductive, because being in a stressed frame of mind is actually counter-productive.  Here's some fantastically practical and easy to implement steps to brake the back of this huge life challenge.  Drop us a comment at the bottom to share your experiences and what you thought of the video.   Remember, look after yourself - there is only one of you!!

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10 Practical Tips and Tricks for Stress Relief

"Take Control of Your Health Naturally"

By Angela Brand

1. Plan Ahead - Whether it is getting the family ready in the morning or planning a trip, getting everything ready ahead of time always relieves the stress of rushing around trying to get everyone out the door. It also relieves the press of forgetting something as you have thought about it ahead of time.

2. Deep Breaths - Stressful situations arise on a daily basis. Usually, your heart rate goes up, which makes your blood pressure rise. Take in a deep breath, counting to ten and then release the air slowly. This will give you a minute to regroup and calm your little britches down!

3. Stretch - Stand up, move around, and stretch your legs, arms and shoulders. Most people carry all their stress in their shoulders. By stretching you are releasing some of the stress that you are carrying in your shoulders.

4. Get Enough Sleep - The average person does not get enough sleep. This causes us to be cranky to begin with. It also cause…

Tips on How to Reach Out and Create Personal Connections

By Natalia S

Building social connections is both a skill and an asset. The wider connections of friends we have, the happier and fuller we become as individuals. Regardless of age, sex, race, and financial disposition, we all need to create and grow a network of friends and acquaintance to make our lives more worthwhile.
Aside from family, money, and life insurance among many other things, one other important ingredient to lead a worry-free life is having a solid set of friends. It is our friends that we need when we are down and depressed. It is our friends who turn to when we just want someone to talk to, or someone to listen to our woes. It is also our friends and acquaintances that we need by our side when all that we want is hang loose and chill. There is nothing but truth in the adage, "no man is an island." It is a fact that we need friends, and we cannot live this life happy, healthy, and worthwhile without them.

But friendship doesn't mean that you need to be with …


Nathaniel Brandon gives such a great run down on the six pillars of developing and sustaining a strong and healthy self-esteem which is one of the most important and pivotal factors in whether someone is going to live a life of fulfilment and satisfaction or not.  These six steps will really 'ring bells' for you.  They are the steps we need to take to enable us to enjoy life and empower us to have a much more positive impact on the lives of others we're connected with.  It's quick at six minutes but worth every second!  Stay blessed!!  

 - The Life Abundant Network

How to Reduce the Never Ending Stress in Your Life

By Dr. Amaka Nwozo

Everybody experiences stress in life. Stress is actually brought about by a personal perceived inability to cope with certain situations. Stress is really unavoidable in life but it can be reduced but you need to find out what is responsible for causing it in the first place.

There are 2 types of stress: acute and chronic stress. Acute stress is short in duration but chronic occurs over a long period of time. Chronic stress is never good for the human body. It increases oxidative stress in the cells which can lead to health conditions such as anxiety, depression, stroke, heart problems and cancer. Stress also increases acidity in the body which isn't good for the cellular environment either.

The following ways can help alleviate stress in your life and assist in helping you achieve optimal health.

10 ways to decrease stress in your life

Social Support: Have a good social support system. Talk to someone you can trust about your situation. This has been proven to allev…

Tony Robbins: Stop Your Negative Thinking (Tony Robbins Depression)

We're continuing the theme from yesterday in to-days post 'Stop your negative thinking'!  Our main battle in life is the battle that goes on between our ears.  It is silent, it is intrusive, and it can be deadly.  Tony Robbins has been helping people in this area and in the area of self-development for approximately 30 years and has some life changing pointers for us.  No matter where you're at with things at the moment, this will be a helper for you.  We all need a periodic boost of inspiration!  Stay blessed!

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Self-Sacrificing People Have Increased Risk of Depression

By Barbara Odozi

Pleasers - people who are too nice for their own good - are at an increased risk of depression. While altruism and philanthropy are without doubt much required virtues, self-sacrificing people often feel victimized. This is because when they continuously abdicate or renounce their personal goals and interests for others, all the while ignoring the little voice at the back of their head cautioning them to take time and be steady before acquiescing to the demands of others, it is natural to feel emotionally exhausted and drained. The little voice, the conscience keeper, plays an important role in balancing between the innate desire to remain in the comfort zone and avoid the chance of displeasing others by saying a "no."

In an increasingly competitive world, renouncing one's personal goals is not a virtue. People who willingly sacrifice themselves at the altar of other people's interests, run the risk of being taken as an object of mirth by their very…

VOLUME 1 | Advice From The Most Successful People On The Planet | 1 Hour...

Welcome back to the Life Abundant Network blog.  This blog's focus is on sourcing you content that will empower, inform and inspire you to a knew place in your life. It's aim to help you overcome the obstacles preventing you from fulfilling the potential that is wrapped up in you, to enable you to live the life of abundance for yourself, your family and those around you whose lives you touch.  This is a long video, I'll tell you that now but even if you watch the first 5 minutes of it you'll gain a lot.  You might end up staying longer ;)  It is a compilation edited by Absolute Motivation, bringing together advice from the most successful people in the world.  Now, maybe success with regards to material things and wealth isn't really your focus; doesn't matter!  The truth is, that if we're going to be happy, content and fulfilled people we all have to overcome those obstacles in our path before we can be free to live out what's really been placed in us …

Avoiding Closeness

By Frederick Fabella, PhD

Why is it that we sometimes feel reluctant to become close to others?
There are those of us who avoid closeness because we do not wish to need people. Others keep their distance because they are hesitant to trust and to have that trust broken. Some do not want to grow attached to people because they do not wish to become dependent. Still others stay away for the simple reason that they do not want to be disappointed by the people around them. And there those of us who avoid closeness because we have realized that people disappear sooner or later.

But what could have produced this kind of attitude in us?
An early childhood experience of having been abandoned by certain family members could be the reason. When one or both parents leave unexpectedly whether the reason is work-related or because of breaking up, this can have a life-long impact on us. Another possible cause is an unstable home environment where people come and go, not knowing when they will return. S…