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What Burns Our Thirsty Souls

By Alexa Keating

The soul is the place where the life force resides, from the first life breath that began our lifetime to the moment our last and final breath is expelled. This is the most sacred place in the human body; yet all too easily its existence is ignored as it thirsts for the best we can become to materialize. A thirsty soul is the result of ignoring and failing to cultivate the traits that set us apart from other life forms. Compassion, empathy, kindness, sympathy and even remorse for wrong actions all provide the nourishment that refreshes our soul.

 Our highest consciousness exists within our soul. Ignoring these traits effectively burns our soul, leaving a seared consciousness that has no conscience. No integrity, morality, principles or ethics exist in the person with a seared conscience; the very best any person could be becomes buried in the rubble of resistance to those higher traits.

It is against human nature to violate the behaviors that set us above the animal kingdom. Our instincts are to first survive and then to thrive in our environment. We were all born with the ability to dream bigger dreams, to believe in things we could not see and to achieve what appeared to be an impossible dream. Only when we have lost our way do we reach a state of seared conscience. If you think all is lost, take counsel; your cries are heard, passing through the darkness, filtered by the clouds they mingle with starlight and find their way to the touch of the Master's hand. Be at peace; be calm.

Though you have no memory of the hand that was placed on your soft brow as you inhaled your first breath of life, know that dreams and seeds of great hope accompanied that first breath. The child who was you was uncorrupted by failure and knew it was all possible. It was this which inspired you to lay your head on a soft field of grass, look into the fluffy clouds above you and see what no one else could. This was dreaming, the earliest from of seeing what could be.

Where did it all go, the grace that was your style, the agile figure, the precision of your movement, the clarity of your mind, the brilliance of your words? It was not a thief who stole these treasures from you but you and you alone who bartered them for something far less than you ever dreamed of. Doubt, fear anxiety and hate fill a life corrupted by failure; one that is filled with quick fixes, an easier path, greed and a thirst for power become the foundation for these losses that result in a thirsty soul. There is no room for those joyful memories where these emotions reside. This is a dark path filled with sorrow. The path back to your own personal greatness requires new choices.

Only when you are willing to relinquish these human traits of failure can you return to the dreams and promise that was instilled in your first breath. These learned habits, like every human habit, must be replaced with a healthy and joyful one to release the control they hold over you. It is a return to the light of your existence. Is it possible? Light always overcomes darkness. It is the reason a single candle light can be seen on the darkest night up to three miles away. We were created to see the light!

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