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Let's Just Learn How to F.L.Y

By Denise Joyce Williams

First Love Yourself...
Back in the day when I was growing up, it was cool to be FLY! Fly at that time was a slang term that meant you were sharp, cool, cute and ready to take on the world. We used that word the way younger people nowadays use the world SLAY. I guess every generation has its own style of slang communication but I still use Fly from time to time.

As I've grown up, I've embraced a new acronym for the slang term FLY. I call it F.L.Y. which means First, Love Yourself. In today's society, it seems so acceptable to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good. It's OK for us to be in debt, miserable, rude, overworked and aggressive toward others. We're physically and mentally exhausted, and it seems OK to be impatient or demanding. People are so desensitized to the needs of others these days that they believe it is "normal" to be this way.

It's not normal to be broken and unhappy. It's not normal to feel like our lives…

Get ready for something spectacular!

ByDr Dan Amzallag

"You are the greatest.
You are the best and the coolest.
You surprise us every single day.
This is not a test.
Do not adjust your settings.
You have nothing to prove.
There's no one to thank but yourself.
The rest of the day, and your life, are on me.
The Universe"

Turn your head for a minute and look back at everything you've worked so hard and accomplished. Stop with the negativity and focus on what more you can do. Yes, it may seem like the work you've done is meaningless, or is not enough comparing to others who have done so much more. When you start learning to NEVER compare yourself with the work of others, you may start you live your life. You or no one else have endured the same challenges so it is unnecessary to compare your progress with others. Everyone's situation is different and just like you compare yourself to others who are more successful, many others are probably comparing themselves to you looking on how YOU ar…

Developing Your Creative Genius

By Dr Alicia Holland

Do you wonder why it is important to understand our true birth identity? Do you know your spiritual gifts and talents? The answer to these two questions might spark an interest in getting to know more about the creative genius in which you are. You are born with the ability to create and manifest and you may have noticed that in elementary school. There are three strategies that can help you develop your creative genius.

Connect to Your Intuition

The first strategy is to take the time out to be still and quiet your mind in some form of meditation and mindfulness practices. This will allow for you to connect to your intuition, which is your higher self, or creative force that allows you to connect with your inner child.

It's the part of your soul that allows you to create and imagine all the possibilities in which you can take to carry out your dreams. Your intuition gives you divine guidance on which step to take next and how to present your creative works in the…