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If You Want To Live Without Fear, Trust That Every Outcome In Life Is Perfect

By Tony Fahkry

Life Is A Process, Not An Event

I don't know a single person who doesn't have any fears, do you? Knowing this, it begs asking: What are your predominant fears? Are you aware of them? In order to live without fear, we must trust whatever outcome arises in life is perfectly orchestrated for our highest good. I'm reminded of a delightful tale by the late spiritual teacher and psychotherapist Anthony de Mello who explains that while fear protects us, it also keeps us trapped and insecure:

"How shall I rid myself of fear?"
"How can you rid yourself of what you cling to?"
"You mean I actually cling to my fears? I disagree."
"Consider what your fear protects you from and you will agree! And you will see your folly."

Most people's fears relate to: financial matters, safety and security, relationships or career. It is natural to entertain these fears, though when they impose on our way of life, we are at the mercy of succumbing…

Don't Go Through Life Quitting

By Toni Fahkry

Life Doesn't Have A Timeline For Us

Quitting is easy though we rarely achieve anything when we abandon our goals. Knowing that, take a moment to reflect on something you're contemplating giving up on right now. It may be career related, health or otherwise. Why do you want to give up? Is it the only way? Have you considered other options? Once you've had a moment to reflect on it, think about why you undertook the goal in the first place. It might be that having a passion or purpose makes it harder to quit because of the emotional investment required to achieve it. Sometimes, we undertake goals we don't resonate with but fill a void in our life. Pursuing a goal or a dream ought to provide us with a sense of value and meaning in our lives, otherwise we're less likely to see it through. Does this make sense, insofar as being committed to the goal instead of wishing for something better to come along?

To go through life quitting weakens our character and e…