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Be Hungry (Fight For It) - Motivational Short Story ᴴᴰ

Did you know that you're one of two kinds of people?  The kind that is happy with the mundane, who doesn't want to rock the boat, who just want the 'easy life' and aren't prepared to pay the cost of finding the fulfilled life - or, you're the kind of person who feels a healthy dissatisfaction with the 'normal'.  Do you know that dissatisfaction has been 'put there' to stir you up, to give you an awareness that there is something so much better that you can be doing with your life, a dream that needs to be fulfilled whilst you're still on this earth, a dream that needs to be fulfilled if you're going to leave this world happy and content, knowing you used your life for a greater purpose than just yourself, knowing that you're leaving a legacy behind that will have an impact on others long after you're gone...

10 Tips to Help You Practice Self-Love

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Or perhaps a more relevant question is, 'who's the most important person in your life?' Some people will regard their boss or work as their top priority, and of course earning money, supporting their family and having something, hopefully fulfilling, with which to occupy themselves is important.
For others relationships are the answer; their children, friends, family or partner top their list every time. Then of course, we all know someone rather smug who says without a second thought that they are the most important person in their life! They'd buy tickets to see themselves in concert!

Today, though, we're reflecting on the type of self-love which recognises that making decisions to look after ourselves means taking responsibility for our own health and happiness. When we do that everyone in our lives also benefits. I'd like to share some tips to help you manage the negative events, hurts and disappointments that happ…
This is something I've never done before, that is to put someone else's social media comment on my blog.  But I felt this was so impacting I wanted to share it with you.   It teaches us a vital lesson regarding appreciating the people we have in our lives right now, and not letting the time drain away, missing opportunities to spend time with them or tell them how much they mean to us.  Hope you enjoy it! :)  

👈 After 21 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, “I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you.” The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my MOTHER, who has been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally. That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie. “What’s wrong, are you well?” she asked. My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night c…

The secret to self control | Jonathan Bricker | TEDxRainier

Self control can be a real challenge, and something we often can fail at over and over again.  Here Jonathan Bricker presents a completely different way of looking at it.  Hope you enjoy it!

3 Keys to Living the Abundant Life That You Deserve

We all deserve to live an abundant life. And it is not wrong to have that desire. Abundance means "to have plenty of something." And that just doesn't mean money, even though we deserve to have enough of that too. Abundance means being supplied plentifully in every area of your life. If it is your desire to live a more abundant life then that opportunity is available for you.

This article will discuss three keys to living the abundant life you deserve. These are not the only three keys, but they are three keys that can get your abundance flowing in the right direction.

1. Practice Abundant Thinking:

Your thoughts are powerful and they magnetically attract things into your life or they act as a repellent and repel things. You have control over your thinking. You can choose to have thoughts of abundance or you can choose to have thoughts of scarcity. Often if scarcity is what you are experiencing then those are the thoughts that arise. But you have to make a conscious effort …

Lone Wolf - Motivational Video For All Those Fighting Battles Alone

To all of you battling alone, to all of you walking alone, keep going, keep GOING!!  It will be worth it in the end.  You won't be a lone wolf forever!!

The New Science of Happiness and Success

Would you like to be happier?

Would you like to be more successful?

Whenever I ask people these two questions, as I have done many times over the past 35 years, I find that virtually everyone's answers are the same; a resounding, "Yes, of course! Who wouldn't?"
If I then follow these questions up with another question, such as, "What would it take for you to be happier?" I generally receive a response like, "More money", "More peace of mind", "More time off work", or perhaps a response like, "A better relationship" or better 'job', 'salary' or 'body' etc.

The thought process behind these answers reveals a fundamental pattern which seems to be true of pretty well everyone, namely the idea that for us to be happier, we need something else, specifically more success, either in our finances, in our relationships, in our health or in any other area of our lives. This thought pattern reveals a fundamenta…

Jim Rohn - How to have Your Best Year Ever (1 of 3)

Some very quick, simple but very effective advice from Mr Jim Rohn, on HOW TO HAVE YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!!!!  The best things in life are free!!!   :)

Message From the Universe: A Path That Only You Can Take

"You do realize, don't you, that there have been others - in lifetimes, millennia, and civilizations past - who have been to some of the same "places" you've been to? Yet, they got so scared they lost control, turned away, or flat out quit.
Yep, and they surround you now in the unseen. Your greatest admirers.
The Universe"

If I had to tell you that 97% of every person who tried to start a venture on their own, failed at it and gave up, you wouldn't believe me. Unfortunately, this statistic is correct. You would be surprised on how many have brilliant and creative ideas, have the know how to get it started but somewhere along the way, they felt overwhelmed with the responsibilities and just gave up on their dreams. They felt they weren't good enough, or smart enough or anything else to move forward. At the first sign of imminent obstacles, they just gave up. No business will succeed the first time around, unless you create a vaccine for the AID…

Tony Robbins: Stop Your Negative Thinking (Tony Robbins Depression)

I recently I posted on how to achieve a changed mind-set; from a negative one to an optimistic one.  Here's some more great help in that area from the great Tony Robbins!   Our thinking determines everything else in our lives; whether we'll be happy or not, whether we'll have good relationships or not!  It's all down to what's going on between our ears!  Be blessed with success! You 'know' you can do it!

10 Practical Tips and Tricks for Stress Relief

"Take Control of Your Health Naturally"

1. Plan Ahead - Whether it is getting the family ready in the morning or planning a trip, getting everything ready ahead of time always relieves the stress of rushing around trying to get everyone out the door. It also relieves the press of forgetting something as you have thought about it ahead of time.

2. Deep Breaths - Stressful situations arise on a daily basis. Usually, your heart rate goes up, which makes your blood pressure rise. Take in a deep breath, counting to ten and then release the air slowly. This will give you a minute to regroup and calm your little britches down!

3. Stretch - Stand up, move around, and stretch your legs, arms and shoulders. Most people carry all their stress in their shoulders. By stretching you are releasing some of the stress that you are carrying in your shoulders.

4. Get Enough Sleep - The average person does not get enough sleep. This causes us to be cranky to begin with. It also causes us to gain we…

Powerful: Confidence Spoken Affirmations with binaural tones for Healthy...

Ever heard the saying 'you are your own worst enemy?'  Well, most of the time, it's true!  If we hold belief's about ourselves that we're 'not good enough' or we don't have what it takes to succeed, that limiting belief will prevent us from doing exactly that, succeeding.  But, sometimes these belief's have been there for so long, they've become entrenched, engrained in the way we think about ourselves and our personal 'self talk' is continually negative.  The 'inner critic' inside us will continue to tell us, 'you know that you can't succeed at this, you've failed before and you'll always fail'.  We generalise and distort the truth and come to inaccurate conclusions about ourselves.

So, how do we fix it?   Here's a thought from the bible!  Maybe you've never read it and don't think it might have much to say to you, but I've found it has some amazing ways of putting things that research and scie…

How Gratitude Exercises Will Make You Happier and Change Your Life

Many of us it seems will spend a ton of time daydreaming about things we want. Maybe you imagine yourself with a six pack, or perhaps you dream of the day you win the lottery. It's perfectly normal so don't feel bad about it, but is it healthy?
The problem is, that even if you were to win the lottery and to get a six pack, you might well find yourself still being unhappy. Why? Because you'd now be dreaming about investing in a stock that made you a million dollars, or you'd be dreaming about having massive biceps. In other words, we take what we have for granted and we instead long after the things we don't have.

This is where gratitude exercises come in. These are about taking the time out to think about the things you have and the things you're happy for. This can completely change your life.

How Gratitude Exercises Work

To start doing gratitude exercises, you need to first set aside some time out of your regular routine to practice them. This could mean that you…

IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING - Motivational Video

Impossible is nothing!   nough said!!

Intuitive Goal Setting

Last year I had a massive revelation.
I thought that I had set goals throughout my life and achieved them. I was wrong.
Not entirely, but mostly I was wrong.
I think I had been doing 'intuitive goal setting', which feels very different.

There were many goals that I had sat down and worked out, then broken down into little actions and worked towards. Some of those I had achieved, some of those I hadn't, for a number of reasons. Why hadn't I achieved them?
• maybe I had run out of steam
• maybe it had seemed too hard
• maybe I didn't have enough motivation
• maybe I was not being held accountable by someone
• maybe I didn't believe I could achieve
• or maybe, I just didn't care enough

I wouldn't go as far as to say 'Goal-setting doesn't work', there are plenty of goals I have achieved. But I would say that those I found easy, that magically just happened weren't really goals as such.

Intuition + Goal Setting: Do They Go Together?

They were more in…


'People are rewarded in public for what they've practiced for years in private' Tony Robbins.  As you'll hear in this short video, most people don't use what they've brought into this universe, most people don't develop their talents and use them to make the world a better place or to do with their lives what they were meant to.  Is there anything sadder than that?  What a waste!  DON'T be one of them!  Don't let negative opinions, misunderstanding, failure, obstacles or set backs hinder you from pushing through to the other side and into your dreams.  If this speaks to you, then you'll be really helped by this video as were 9 million other viewers!!

RETRAIN YOUR MIND - NEW Motivational Video (very powerful)

How to overcome all those mental 'roadblocks' we have in our minds that prevent us from achieving.  From 13 experts!!  Join the other 4.2 million viewers that have watched this fantastic video!!

Living a Life Without Drama or Fear

Living a life without any drama or fear has required a great deal of preparation, follow through, certainty, self love, having a fully awakened consciousness by receiving answers from God whenever I felt unsure or afraid, along with going with the flow - rolling with life's sudden challenges.
Here are some tips that will hopefully help YOU so your life is free of drama and fear.

Stay far away from anyone with negative energy. People who gossip, have mass chaos in their lives on a continuous basis - these are the people to view with loving compassion while you simultaneously avoid them like the plague.

Having a zero tolerance for abuse. This means that the first degrading comment is the last time you interact with this person.

If you prefer to be abused then continuing with contact will continue to bring you the abuse that erodes your self worth and your soul. It causes uncertainty, lack of self assurance and a great lack of self esteem. You decide which way you prefer and go with tha…

Learning From Your Mistakes - How to Overcome Carelessness

How many times in your life have you made silly mistakes and regretted? Instead of feeling bad and lamenting about them, it is time to take a smart approach. What do I mean? Read on to find out.

Rather than digging yourself in self-pity and feeling down, be happy and attempt to learn from your mistakes so that you don't make them a second time. Life is itself a learning process and if you can't make any mistakes, you can't make anything. So you needn't be too careful or too careless. But be willing to learn from your mistakes all the time.
Here are a few scenarios which show how you could overcome your carelessness:

1) If you criticize yourself in front of your friends for instance, "I am not smart" or "I am too fat", your friends will believe you and look at you from that approach. It is indeed silly to speak ill of you in front of others. You do a lot of harm to yourself speaking against you in front of others. So the idea is to upgrade your thoughts…

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - Motivational Video (ft. Jaret Grossman & Eric Thomas)

How's your confidence level??  Our confidence level is one of the biggest determining factors in whether we will fulfil our true potential and achieve what we really desire to achieve.  If we suffer from low confidence we need to learn how to make that transition from self-doubt to self-belief.  You owe it to yourself to believe the truth about 'you'.  This video exemplifies the point!   Be blessed!!

Discovering Our Purpose, Treasuring Our Time

I've wondered my whole life whether or not there is such a thing as purpose to our lives. Are we here to work and die, or is there more to it?
This was a question I heard the other day from a woman in her 60s, who has no financial need to continue working, yet feels this unresolved issue of purpose. Why is she here, and has she fulfilled that need?
We all have a purpose, and until it's discovered, life has a wandering feeling that grows over time.

Many years ago in a Chinese restaurant, I opened this fortune, "The day you were born, a problem was solved." Is it possible that the reason why this woman feels there is something leftover for her to do, is because she has yet to solve this "problem" that the Chinese proverb referred to?
I believe so. I encouraged her to discover and pursue her purpose. "But how?" she clamored. And I understand. It's confusing to determine our skills, let alone something as potentially impactful to others as purpose…

ElonMusk When He Proved EveryOne Wrong - MUST WATCH

Got a dream you want to achieve?  You can be sure that there'll be plenty of obstacles and nay-sayers along the way.  Check out Elon Musk's story for some inspiration!

The Basics of Self-Esteem

Our self esteem is something that we can control and change at any time.

It is based upon our beliefs and attitudes that we have about ourselves. For example, "I AM GOOD ENOUGH despite my faults, insecurities and imperfections. Who I am is not defined by what I do, what I look like, how much I weigh, or how smart I am." It is about loving who we are and accepting ourselves unconditionally. It is allowing ourselves to be imperfect, to accept ourselves as we are, to take risks, to try new things and to "LET GO" of negative thinking, judgments and self-criticism. It is about facing our fears and knowing that regardless of the outcome we took a risk and faced a fear.

Improving our self-worth is about making our own decisions about how we want to use our free time,
setting our own goals and making choices for ourselves. It is about knowing what we like and do not like and feeling comfortable saying it out loud to others without fear of rejection, ridicule or laughter. It …

Slow and Steady Equals Progress

WOW- can you believe it's almost June?

Into the sixth month of 2017 already?! This quick passage of time is a bit about what the topic is today - that little bits and pieces will help with getting projects done, even if it is just little bits and pieces!
I'm into the last week of this round of eye drops, which seems to be the way I have watched the rapid passing of the year thus far, drop by drop. My detached retina repair seems to be holding and the cataract surgery the initial surgery caused is now behind me. Yahoo! My sight is almost back to where I was in early January, thank goodness! Sight is something we so take for granted - never again!

This leads me to trying to tackle projects whose completion seems to have stymied me thus far, for many and varied reasons. Yep - I have the same 'I need a push' issues that you face, and have just had wonderful excuses all year. No more! I have company coming the 3rd week of June and they are expecting to see the photo album of …

How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes | Adam Leipzig | TEDxMalibu

Adam Leipzeg explains what is making us tick and to really fulfil our destiny and life purpose.  Such clarity.  I think you're going to enjoy this!

Core 4 Speed Reading Principles To Save More Time

Most of us do need to read at least something throughout the day.
Whether it is reading newspapers, magazines, educational books, novels, articles, journals or just some blog posts, if you know how to speed-read, you're going to get so much more done.
In short, speed reading is the process of scanning through text while at the same time still taking in all the information and understanding them.

This is something some trained people are very good at while most struggle with it, so let's take a look at the core 4 principles of speed reading so that you can use them today and save your time.

Principle #1 Use a Tool To Assist Your Reading

One easy way to speed-read immediately is to use some online software such as spreeder.
Spreader is a program that lets you paste a large amount of text into a website and then quickly runs through all the words, showing you one word at a time for a set duration.
You can choose that duration and then by looking at the word count, the program can tell y…