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How to Speed Up Your Results

By Rema Chausse

Do you ever find yourself in limbo... in that in-between place of knowing what you want, but it hasn't shown up yet? There's something you're trying to create, but the universe seems to be moving at a snail's pace. In that place between what you want, and waiting for its arrival, you often find yourself in doubt and indecision, and you sometimes end up feeling completely defeated.
Jackson Pruitt is a finance manager for a luxury auto dealership, and he was in exactly this type of situation. Not only is he naturally goal-oriented having been in sales most of his life, but financial targets are routinely encouraged for him at work. Walking the tight rope of what he wants to create and how he can speed up the process is a common theme for him (and anyone in sales or entrepreneurship).

Before talking about how we can speed things up, it helps to understand the anatomy of how things are manifested, so that we can unlock our hidden power and bring what we want t…

A Major Cause of Stress

By Margaret Paul Phd

Discover that stress is NOT being caused primarily by people or situations, but by your own thoughts and actions.

We tend to think of stress as something that occurs because of outside events, such as having financial problems, relationship problems, health problems, or from having too much to do. Certainly events such as these are challenging, but they are not the actual cause of stressful feelings.

Stress Is An Important Message

Stress is your inner guidance's way of letting you know that you are thinking thoughts or taking actions that are out of alignment with what is in your highest good, or that you are trying to control something that you cannot control - such as how people feel about you or the outcome of things. Stress may also be letting you know that something in your body is out of whack - you are on medications or substances that are affecting your brain and causing the stress, or you have eaten foods such as sugar, processed, or pesticide-laden food …

Unleashing Faith In Business

Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez

After being an entrepreneur for almost a decade (at the writing of this article) I can guarantee you that things are not always a "bed of roses," sometimes that "bed of roses" has some thorns in it. What do I mean by that? I mean that there has been ups and downs, trying times, and times when I felt like "Is this business stuff really meant for me?" Yes, it's all good now, almost ten years later, but it sure wasn't always that way.

What kept me going? One of the biggest things that kept me motivated was faith. I prayed and asked God for divine direction and divine wisdom. I also asked Him for divine strength. And I remembered that I wasn't in the business world all alone. Entrepreneurship is fun and rewarding, but that doesn't mean that there are not struggles.

One of my biggest struggles as an entrepreneur was when my 2 week old grandson passed away. I was going through a lot, but I still had to stay focused on what…