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The Law of Attraction and Letting Go of Your Limiting Beliefs

By Estra Roell

We are vibrational beings. With every thought we have we transmit a vibration to the Universe. When we place our focus of attention on a particular thought, we strengthen the vibration of that thought. The Universe responds to our vibration by giving us what we are placing our energy and attention on.When we repeatedly hold a thought, it becomes a belief. Our beliefs determine what shows up in our lives. If, for example, a person believes he or she is not deserving of success, then despite all efforts, there will be some way in which she sabotages her success.

Most of our beliefs come from the ideas we picked up in childhood. Unfortunately, many of those beliefs are not true. Think about your self-talk. How often is it encouraging and positive? For most people, the majority of their thoughts are negative and habitual. No wonder so many people struggle to reach their goals and dreams!
Our beliefs, attitudes and values are stored in our subconscious mind. You may not even r…

How Well Do You Know Your SELF?

By Richard Brody

Although, it seems, the vast majority, of individuals, appear to believe, they fully understand, themselves, including their needs, goals, priorities, strengths, weaknesses, etc, the reality is, it is indeed, only the rare person, who is actually, ready, willing, and able, to proceed, with the utmost degree of introspection, and objectivity, in order to truly, know his SELF! Either most of us, bury - our - head - in the sand, and proceed, with a sense of denial, or, we are unwilling, to do, all that's needed and necessary, to become the best, we might possibly be. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, discuss, review, and consider, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why it's important and relevant.
1. Strengths; system; solutions: Begin this process, by objectively, and thoroughly, considering, and evaluating, both, your strengths, as well as weaknesses! How will knowing, and understanding these, make you, better, and more effec…

Achievement Guard Rails

By Carl Sara

Guard rails are placed on highways and roller coasters as a visual or physical inducement to return to the intended path. Achievers navigate a twisty road where challenges come at you fast. Sometimes it is hard to discern where the middle of the road is.
Most of the world and America in particular was at the height of the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth and beginning 20th centuries. Industrialists were producing steel, pumping oil, building railways, bridges, tall buildings and automobiles. Edison was inventing and there were lots of examples of enduring achievement. While there were plenty of advancements and society benefited, the average working man did not enjoy a greatly improved personal life. It was a time of every woman and man for themselves.

Since then, we have come to realize that it is possible to have achievement without pollution, endangering lives with toxins, and making the team endure personal sacrifices while the investor counts the profit. In addit…

How You See Yourself Means Everything

By  Sergei VanBellinghen
Indeed, how you see yourself means everything since it is impossible to know how another person is going to feel, think or even look at you. When you realize it, you can then focus on the only sure thing in your life that you can control, and that is how you think, perceive and feel about yourself.
What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you speak to yourself? If yes, what do you say? Are you thinking about yourself negatively or positively?

Do you take action or are you pushing things until a later time?

Whatever you do, you have to understand that you cannot control how others feel about you. It is hopeless to think that everyone would like you. There will always be people who will mistreat you, judge you, criticize you, or spread lies about you while others will support you, love you, speak kindly of you or be your greatest fan.
What is more important is how you see yourself. You have to be proud of who you are, and not be worrying about what someone el…

How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

Have you ever felt like you are talking, but no one is listening?  No one likes that feeling.  But there are ways we can either attract or repel people by the way we communicate.  Here Julian Treasure removes the mystery from this phenomenon and also gives some practical training on the use of the voice.  Hope you enjoy! 

To your success,

Simon Anderzon
The Life Abundant Network

10 Ways to Boost Self Esteem

By Taylor Chi

There are many ways to boost self esteem. Self esteem is the positive or negative attitude one feels about themselves. Portraying yourself to be a certain way in your mind will eventually lead to disappointment. Here are ten ways that helps to boost your self esteem.

1. Avoid Negative People

Don't let people's negative perception of you lead you to start believing those negative thoughts of yours. When it comes to self esteem, your opinion is the only one that matters. Avoid people that treat you badly for this will start to make you feel bad towards yourself. Surrounding yourself around negative people will only make you act negatively.

2. Stop Trying to Please Everyone

You can't please everyone so don't try. Trying to please everyone will have you feeling unappreciated if you don't get that same treatment in return. Even though you should treat others how you want to be treated, you won't always get that same treatment in return. Not getting the same…

If Your Worries Scare You, This Really Helps

By Paula Eder

Do worries stress you out?

Your worries have a profound impact on your energy, on your stress levels, and on your overall health.
Worries also affect your experience of time and, ultimately, they diminish your enjoyment of your life.
So, while it seems obvious that worry would trigger fears and add to your stress, what I'm going to tell you next may feel counterintuitive.

It's this: Slowing down and facing a worry can actually relieve your fear and stress.
So, try not to react to worries...
When you're worried your knee-jerk reaction is usually to speed up. Your focus is either on getting away from or trying to address whatever is causing your concern.
Both of these responses are usually very quick. And the reality is that they are reactive and will increase, rather than decrease your feelings of stress.

If you try to get away from something that you're worried about, you are reinforcing the magnitude of its "scariness."
Pema Chodron, in one of her works…

Knowledge Is The Most Powerful Weapon

By Sergei VanBellinghen
Knowledge is the most powerful weapon you are ever going to have at your disposal. It is not a gun, a sword or a bomb because the strongest instrument you will have if you really want to make a change is what you learn. So, wherever you are right now in life, I want you to burn that into your mind. But why is knowledge such a dominant tool? And how can you use it to your advantage? Well, knowledge is not only the most powerful weapon; it is also the key to success and the most effective way to break the poverty cycle. And yes, it is a great influential tool and it can change the world. However, education and learning are related to each other. But it does not need to be only school education; it can also be self-taught, books, a mentor, someone else's disaster or even your own failure. But whatever it is, you must always be learning, and learning something today knowing that it is an investment for tomorrow. Nowadays, I often live my life by this wonderful quo…

You will wish someone showed you this when you were young - The Most Ins...

Have you ever had anyone ask you this question:  'What is it you really want out of life'?  Often people have some ideas that they assume will be effective in helping them reach a place of 'happiness', but often those things will never make them truly happy on their own (becoming rich or famous) and/or they don't know how to attain those things anyway. Inspire disciple has created this video to really zone in on the things which trip us up or make us lose heart in the pursuit of our goals and dreams.  Here is some true high octane inspiration to keep the fire burning!

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