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Have a Little Faith in Yourself - Transforming "I Can't" Into "I CAN"

By Maryanne Pope

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Have you ever actually heard yourself complaining about how you can't do something?
I have... and it wasn't pretty. But it certainly made for a funny story!
In fact, I created a presentation based on said funny story and delivered it recently at a women's networking event. The talk was well-received (and everybody laughed at the funny part) but I rather surprised myself in the question and answer period afterwards.
My presentation was called, "The Electric Jello Story - Turning I Can't Into I Can... and I Will."

The first part of my talk was a rather sordid tale from my party days about a bachelorette gone awry. I had overindulged in some electric jello shooters and had been sent home from the bar early. But when the girls tried to awaken me from my drunken slumber in the wee hours of the morning (so that I could buzz them up to the apartment) I want…

The Power of Unscheduling Your Calendar: Giving Priority to Typically Unstructured Activities

By Lisa Montanaro

There is a practice that I have been using for years when it comes to my schedule and how I allocate my time. It is a habit I started doing years ago because I am very calendar-focused. I pretty much put everything on my calendar. And by everything, I mean even activities that most people wouldn't think belong on a calendar. Most people schedule in appointments and planned phone calls, both personal and professional. They also layer on social events, such as parties to attend. But they almost never think to add activities on their calendar such as exercise, meals, sleep, hobbies, errands, etc. Those activities often seem too personal, or are solitary activities and, therefore, often don't get precious space on the calendar, which means they get placed at the bottom of the priority order.

For years, it seemed natural to me to give space on my calendar to activities that most people typically don't include. And I started mentioning this to my clients when doi…

One of The Most Inspiring Speeches by Jim Kwik - The Power of Morning Ro...

Do you want to be in the 1% who succeed at entrepreneurship, or have success achieving some other goals and dreams in your life?  In this profound interview with Jim Kwik we discover the most important keys to setting ourselves up for success and what the main stumbling blocks are to taking control of our lives and fulfilling our dreams.  It all begins with the start of the day and how we put these important 'life hacks' into practice to achieve the goals we're aiming for.

To your empowerment and success!

Simon Anderzon,

The Life Abundant Network

An Easy Step-By-Step Process To Overcome Worry

By Vyara Bridgeman

If you want to achieve more, learn to worry less. Here is how you do that:
Realize you are worried. Become aware of the physical sensations in your body that Worry is producing, the obsessive thoughts that drain your energy, and the paralyzed feeling that high-jacks your life.

Analyze the situation by asking and answering the following questions: Will the physical pain that Worry is causing me solve my problem? Will my obsessing over the problem solve it? Will feeling paralyzed about it help me find the solution? OK, now you have intellectualized the insanity of Worry. For it IS indeed insane! So your final step is to make a conscious choice to stop worrying. Simply decide not to worry.Good, now you have decided not to worry, here is what you need to do instead:

Don't think about the problem. Think about solutions. Looking for a solution dissipates Worry. Trying to overcome a problem only brings on more Worry. Keep in mind that most problems actually solve themse…

3 Psychological Blocks Holding You Back and How To Overcome Them

By Hitesh Sahni

A lot of people are yet to achieve their dreams and goals. When you talk to them, they give a lot of reasons as to why they are yet to attain their true potential.
These reasons might seem okay at first glance. They might seem valid as a lot of people have them, but they are no more than what they truly are. Excuses.
If these things are examined critically, you will see that no one should have any of these as an excuse.

First Barrier: I am very busy

A lot of people say that they have no time. If you think that a huge chunk of time will magically appear for you to do that thing you've been postponing for some time, you are wrong.
There might never be enough time. No one has more than 24 hours in a day. You have to find the time and do what you want to do.
There are so many unnecessary things that we do today that take a whole lot of our time. These things are not compulsory, and they add nothing to our lives. Yet, we do them repeatedly and think that time will magically a…

Self-Trust and Intuition

By Kim and Ben Sowter

High on its perch the bird watched the world go by, wondering what it would be like to fly into the sky. The door unlocked, the bird was offered the chance to explore.
"If I leave the cage what will be waiting for me? I do not want to be in this cage, but I know how it comforts me. I know no different, so I think I will stay. Maybe one day I will change."

We all want the courage to leave the cage and fly into the sky, but it takes trust to really let go and allow the freedom of living to flow. When we lack self-trust, it becomes difficult to make decisions and leads to second guessing ourselves.
Trust, creates the change needed to live the life we desire. If we do not trust ourselves to drive, then we would never get behind the steering wheel.

Just like the bird, our known experiences are comforting, they allow us to stay in our present circumstances even if we do not like them. The ego tells us that this is the best place to be while courage keeps it all in…