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The Brain Switch

By Jessica J Lockhart

The human brain can only focus on one thing at a time. When the brain focuses on fear, that fear grows and grows and ends up paralyzing or blocking us.
Fear comes to us through that little voice in our brain asking us... 'what if... ?' (What if I fall? What if that spider, mouse, dog... jumps on me? What if I can't do this? What if I fail? What if... ?) The little voice asks the first "what if" question. The question triggers doubt and uncertainty. A second "what if" question poses even greater insecurity. We answer our brain trying to reassure it... 'everything is going to be OK, no problem.' The brain then starts arguing back. 'It's certainly not OK, and something bad is going to happen!' The fear grows. And grows. The voice becomes more convinced and adamant. Its expression is more and more forceful.

Have you ever experienced anything like that?

The conversation in your brain is like the conversation between a mo…

No Pain, No Gain - Did You Agree to That?

By Joan Silva

No Pain. No Gain.

Anyone else find that saying obnoxious? Or, dead wrong.
Okay, so I have to admit, I do not like to sweat. I detest a drippy, sweaty body, where your clothes stick to you and everything is damp.
One minute you're hot, the next you're damp and chilly.
I do realize this discomfort gets in the way of exercise, moving my body in a way that is healthy.
I get it. And, I have to remind myself that I live in a modern house, with two showers available to me. What's the big deal with sweat!
But, since when did we decide to apply this motto to everything? The belief that we must endure pain and stress to achieve professional excellence and a fulfilling, successful life?
No Pain, No Gain.

Did You Agree to That?

Ever ask yourself why you believe you must suffer to achieve success? Why you must work hard and endure vast amounts of stress to gain?
In past years, the concept was meant only to apply to exercise. It promised greater value and reward for the price of har…

You Are Not What Happens To You, But You Become How You Respond To It

By Tony Fahkry

You Are Not What Happens To You

You are not what happens to you but it is how you respond to it that shapes your future. Listen, we've all had bad things happen, some more than others, yet that doesn't diminish the events of the past. Perhaps you retreated into yourself to find solace and meaning on why the events took place. Stop! Stop trying to make sense of what happened because we spend unnecessary mental and emotional energy trying to figure out life.

To rationalise life logically is a battle we seldom win. What makes me certain of this you ask? Having coached hundreds of people over the past decade and through my own ordeals, I've come to realise that making sense of what happens to us is a futile battle that only results in pain and disappointment. The mental and emotional energy is better spent trying to find solutions instead of contextualising its meaning. Life is not what happens to us, it is how we respond and grow from the experiences that shapes o…

Let's Get Honest About Identity

By Steve Wickham

What happened when I approached 40 also happened as I approached 50. Both seasons involved tremendous introspection, with associated reflections that catapulted me along.
Approaching 40 I was thrown into a two-month bout of depression; a kind of midlife crisis. Approaching 50 was very different. I enjoyed the fact that I was entering the age of legacy. But it's not like that for everyone.

It's something that happens in all our lives at poignant times. At major birthdays, in life transitions, in situations of colossal change, we are all periodically given cause for reluctant reflection. And when it boils down to it, reflection causes us to peer intently into identity; the actual 'material' we are constructed of.
Crisis of self inevitably leads us to engage with the self within our identity.

This challenge to our identity strips away the layers of veneer that protect us from reality, and suddenly there is a core exposed, and we are critically vulnerable to th…

Expectations Gone Awry?

By Rhonda McNett

Hope the summer finds you enjoying many things - inside and outside! We've had so much more extreme heat than normal; little wind to blow the wildfire smoke away; and no rain for over two months now - it's hard to want to be outside, right? Plans are constantly changing at the last minute due to poor air quality and the desire to do the right thing for our precious lungs! Is that frustrating to you, or are you able to just 'punt' and go to Plan B?
It's always hard to remember that most of what we encounter in Life is not 'planned' for us, and the more you try to plan (or organize!), the more frustration you may feel. This counts not only for the outdoor concert you purchased tickets for; that bike ride you were going to take yesterday with friends; as well as that organizing project you had intended not only to start, but complete!

Yes, jotting a 'to-do' on your calendar or scratch pad signifies your intention to get to something, but …

To Prepare Yourself For A Better Tomorrow, Do All You Can To Be Your Best Today

By Tony Fahkry

The Aggregation Of Small Habits Leads To Greatness

Do you realise your best is yet to come? How do you feel when you read that statement? Do you think: "My best is behind me"? But what if you don't know what you're capable of unless you continue to move forward towards your goals and dreams? Let me give you an example. When Michael Jordan failed making his high school basketball team, do you think his career was over? Perhaps he thought so at the time because not making the team might have seemed like the end of the road for him, but it wasn't. It was the beginning of his career as one of the greatest basketballers of all time. Why? Jordan loved to play basketball and spent hours practicing and fine tuning his skills. The setbacks and defeats he experienced were part of the process to achieve greatness. They were inflection points in his career and why your best is yet to come, as long as you continue moving towards your goals. Warning: you must beli…