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The Quality Of Your Life Is Not Determined By Doing And Having. It Is Found In The Being

By Tony Fahkry

Get To The Root Of What Is Causing Your Pain

I want you to think about what is taking place in your life right now. Are your actions driven by the impulse to do or gain something? Allow me to explain. A good deal of our activities relates to doing or gaining something in order to feel good about ourselves. Whether pursuing a goal, the emotions generated because of our achievement provide a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. I'm not discounting the value of goals, I want you to understand that doing and having is not the aim for your life, it comes from who you are as a person. That is: your actions and possessions are merely the vehicles that allow you to experience the wholeness of yourself.

For example, consider how you feel when you achieve a particular goal? No doubt you experience excitement but the underlying feeling is that of an enhanced self-worth? The feelings we experience make our pursuits worthwhile because it validates our accomplishments. Every action…

What's Holding You Back From Living Your Best Life?

By Susan Leigh

Whether we work for ourselves or for others, are still in education or are even moving towards our later years, many of us will have occasion, wherever we may be on our life's path, to feel motivated to better ourselves. We may aspire to greater heights educationally or business-wise, be keen to improve our personal traits and habits and as such aim to start living our best life.
However, when we're so full of good intentions what might it be that holds us back?

- One question might be, do we ever feel good enough? However much we achieve there's always something else to aspire to. Is being content with ourselves an elusive goal, are we loathe to become self-satisfied or complacent? Whilst it's great to be motivated and look forward to our next opportunity or achievement is there also a time when it's okay to be okay?

- What about those negative conversations that are continually running in your head; do you recognise them as your own voice or are they s…

Invest in You!

Aian Guanzon

Interested in financially investing in something but do not really have enough means to do so (or you assume so)? Day-dreaming about yourself running businesses and investments while planning for that vacation you have always wanted with your family and friends? If you are, just like most of us, going to the office daily, working hard to get by paycheck-to-paycheck and only have enough savings for emergency funds, you've got a long way to go to achieve that dream of yours. But hey, it is possible! The word "investment" would have probably stunned you one way or another; it sounds like a hefty terminology used only by businessmen and entrepreneurs, doesn't it? But it sure does sound pretty cool and upscale.

Investment is defined in many ways and understood in much more angles. It doesn't have to be purely about money or cash, and doesn't have to be immediately started in bonds or real estate either. You can start in small things, and with baby steps…

Off Kilter? This Helps You Find Balance No Matter How Life Tilts

By Paula Eder

Change is constant, and yet, it can feel overwhelming at times. We are each unique in how we approach changes, how we experience transitions, and how we maintain balance.
And it's not just external changes. Our energy influences our balance, too. So, here are 5 tips to enhance your understanding of balance and help you find it.

1. Balance comes from drawing on your full range of energies, not a 50/50 split of work/home activities.

Balance is less about how much time you schedule for each sector of your life than it is about how you approach activities energetically. For example, if you follow up an ambitious, sales-oriented day at work with a game of handball, then engage in home remodeling until bedtime, you are not allowing yourself to relax, reflect and simply be.

Likewise, if you end a day of care-giving by tending to family and grooming your dog, you have no opportunity to challenge yourself in self-directed physical or creative endeavors. Your drive, your receptivit…