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Life Lessons From Our Dogs

By Iris Fanning

This past week has been filled with highs and lows. My husband, Ken, traveled to San Diego to bring our son home for the summer from college. I was looking forward to spending some time with our son, Sean.

This same week our beloved Boston Terrier Mix dog, Lucky, became gravely ill. He hung on until my guys got home. Then it became apparent that he was in pain and his system was shutting down. There's no need for the details. We took Lucky to the vet yesterday morning and at age 19 he passed on his own a minute or two after we left the room.
What do we learn from our beloved dogs and cats? Here are a few things I learned from Lucky.

* There's always time for fun & play.

* Simply be happy when you're with the people you love.

* A walk is always in order.

* Stop & smell the flowers, grass and clean air.

* Food is good. So is water.

* Stretch

* Show others your appreciation.

* Sleep well. Don't worry.

* Back scratches are great!

* Pay attention and comfort othe…

A STORY THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE - One of The Best Speeches Ever by Li...

You're gonna love this!!  Are you feeling the need for some inspiration to break out of your 'norm' and reach for your 'greatness', the greatness that's inside you waiting to be discovered and manifest?  Look no further!  This is the story of Lisa Nichols and how she and her son got out of severe poverty and the barriers and obstacles she had to overcome to get there.  You owe it to  yourself to watch this!!   Be inspired!!!

Simon Anderzon
-The Life Abundant Network

Seven Ways to Keep Your Cool During Difficult Economic Times

By Iris Fanning

Many people are experiencing stress, anxiety and difficult emotions due to this economic down turn.  It's important to keep this in perspective and learn tools and secrets to being productive, happy and more relaxed during this time.

1.  Tough Times Don't Last -  It's important to remember that any difficulty, stress or trauma is transient by nature.  You will get through this time just as your ancestors weathered the Great Depression, World Wars, losses and changes.  Your are hearty enough to get through this time in history.

2.  Change is a Natural Process -  Just like the natural flow of seasons or the cycle of birth, life, death and new birth...the economy is simply going through a change process.  While winter can seem less pleasant than spring, it is a natural and necessary part of the growth cycle.  We have enjoyed over 20 years of prosperity and little inflation.  We will enjoy a season of prosperity again and probably sooner than you think!

3. Focus on…

How to Increase Dopamine in Your Brain Naturally?

Hi.  We've looked before at some issues regarding depression and low motivation.  Wouldn't you love to know exactly what causes it?  Krish Eswar in this video gets specific about what causes low mood.  Turns out it is a deficiency in something in our brains called Dopamine which is usually generated naturally.  But if this reached low levels then we experience all the symptoms related to depression like fatigue, low motivation, memory problems, poor concentration etc.  Would you like to find out how to increase it naturally without drugs?  Well, here it is!

Simon Anderzon
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Picture What You Want In Your Mind

For nearly anything in life, you need to picture what you want in your mind first while taking the necessary steps to create it into your reality. It is not enough to just imagine the things you desire, sit on a couch and eat a sandwich. Dreams never literally take physical form unless you put in the work.
But where do you even begin? How can you go about realizing what you want? What can you do to change your current circumstances? Why is the mind so powerful?

Well, if you can picture what you want in your mind, believe it in your heart, and have the desire and the courage to work for it, you can bring it into your reality. You have to see it happening. There is nothing off limits. And there are no limitations to those who believe and those who are willing to work for their dream. So, you have to see it in your mind before you can see it in your reality.
You need to visualize what you want. Picture everything you want so clearly in your mind until you can see it right in front of you. W…

Happiness is all in your mind: Gen Kelsang Nyema at TEDxGreenville 2014

Are you having a good day?  What is making it a good day?  These are some of the questions Gen Kelsang asks and they are particularly poignant when understanding how to become happy.  Most people think that our happiness is based on what 'happens' to us, what the circumstances in our lives are like, but living like this puts us at the mercy of the random events that take place in our lives.  There is a better way!

Some people might be put off by the fact that the speaker is a buddist monk, but actually she's just teaching fundamental principles that are true to life, and are also very biblical.  If you don't know how to 'make yourself' happy, then this is for you.   To your happiness!!

Simon Anderzon
-The Life Abundant Network

The Secret to Being Attractive

By Vyara Bridgeman

How many times have you wished you were smarter, younger, fitter, slimmer and better? And why?
I often observe intelligent people who do well in life and intelligent people who don't. I have met beautiful individuals who are well liked and successful, but I have also met countless of miserable beauties. I have seen slim people full of happiness, and I have also seen slim people drowning in depression.

So, do you have to look good to feel good? Do you have to look good to do well? Of course you don't! If you want people to be drawn to you, you need something else.
When it comes to being attractive, be it in your social, sexual or professional life, the first thing to look at is your personal confidence; second one is the degree to which you live out your passion.
Surely, there is nothing attractive about a slim beauty that is self-conscious, feels lost and doesn't have any interests or passion. People are drawn to interesting people full of life. Vitality is c…

Tony Robbins: How to deal with STRESS and DEPRESSION - #MentorMeTony

It's one of the greatest scourges of our time - it's depression!  It saps our energy, robs us of our interests and makes the simplest of tasks seem almost impossible!  Most of us have felt it at some point in our lives, but often we just don't know how to get better.  Medication can certainly help to get us back on track, but really it's just treating the symptoms.   The real cause lies in something deeper, something more fundamental to our way of life.  Which is great news, because if it's cause is often related to our lifestyle habits, it means we have the power to change and become people who live, rather than people who simply tolerate their present state!  In this video Tony Robbins pinpoints both the cause and the cure for depression and these principles and lifestyle changes are nothing short of life-changing!!  Be blessed!!

Simon Anderzon

The Life Abundant Network

Be Somebody Nobody Thought You Could Be

By Sergei Vanbellinghen

When you want to be somebody nobody thought you could be, you should feel inspired by other's successes. But numerous people feel envious or jealous, even becoming bitter towards successful individuals. However, through sheer determination, you can create a life full of achievements.
Would you choose to create success for yourself or let envy define it for you? How can you push forward to become a successful you? Is someone else's success making you envious? Are you ready to make things happen in your life?
We all feel the need to prove to the world that we could become the person we want to be and realize our dreams. But first, to do this, you have to believe you can be somebody at any time. You just have to decide to make it so through hard work, persistence, determination, and conviction.

Age is and can never a barrier! When other people think that you could not be somebody, you have to make their perception wrong. You need to push yourself to the limits…


Are you happy with where you are in life right now?  If not, there is a way to change it, and this video gives us a wake up call to show us where real change takes place!

Simon Anderzon
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When You Are Consumed By Anger And Chaos, You Have Lost Your Way

Don't Stow Away The Anger

Anger and chaos cannot live in a peaceful mind because they oppose one another.
We believe anger is a toxic emotion because of the destruction it brings to people's lives. To the emotionally intelligent however, anger is just an emotion which does not dominate their mental landscape.
I used anger and chaos together in the title since they can leave you feeling lost in your thoughts and emotions.
Linda Graham MFT explains in Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being: "Our response to feelings of anger, for example, can be positive or negative. We can learn to channel anger into effective action for a good cause, or we can shoot ourselves in the foot when our anger habitually causes us to act abusively toward other people."
If we understand the mechanism behind anger, we can deal with it better so it doesn't flood our bodies with toxic chemicals. The problem is, many people stow their anger because it is considere…


Have you been thinking about starting up a new venture?  Maybe it's been playing around in your mind for months, years maybe!  Maybe you're 'older' now and you think you've missed the boat, you don't have the 'energy' of the young guys who are going great guns and becoming successful entrepreneurs!  Don't believe it!  Everyone has a list of doubts that present themselves when they try to do something outside the box, when they try to brake the mould.  And how do we break the mould?  By hanging around with others who have done it before us, whose stories can inspire us to do the same.  Here's someone to 'hang out with'!  Gary Vee.  6 minutes for the next 60 years!!

Time to let the brakes off, and be the real you!!

Simon Anderzon
-The Life Abundant Network

Forgiveness Is a Gift You Give Yourself

By Noreen M Sumpter

People who are angry often lose sight of why they were offended in the first place; all they know is that they're right and the other person is wrong. Being right makes the person angry and he/she goes around making everyone else angry. Learning to understand yourself and forgive provides the tools to understand what it feels like to forgive. Forgiveness is like a much needed refreshing drink on a scorching, hot day. After the first mouthful, you feel refreshed, and any pain you might've been experiencing is washed away. There's no room to continue with one's life in this way. I've definitely experienced forgiveness.
Here's a list of things you and I may have experienced (that others have done to us or that we've done to others), that make us crave forgiveness:
Affairs Criticism Denigration Being gossipped about Pain Abuse Mistreatment Cruelty Violence Exploitation Misuse Neglect Disrespect Dishonor FearWords, like violence, hurt and leave…

PROGRESS - The best motivational video

How do we get from where we are right now to a position way ahead?  What principles do we need to adopt in order to achieve our dreams?  This video gives us those keys that be the game changers.

And what is it that makes us feel lethargic with life?  Turns out it's as a result of feeling we're not moving forward in life, we're not feeling 'progress'.  This video gives some of those principles which can mean shifting up several gears in the pursuit of what we really want to achieve in life and feeling that sense of genuine progression. 

The only thing stopping us today is ourselves!

Simon Anderzon
-The Life Abundant Network!

Con Men: How They Can Teach Us Positive Characteristics

By Joe Libby

I know what you're thinking: "Joe, have you lost your mind? Con men rip people off! They can't teach me anything."
Well, I disagree with your third statement. The most successful con men ("successful" being a relative term), have characteristics that contribute to their success. Believe it or not, we really can learn a few positive things from them and apply them (the right way!) in our own lives. Let's talk about just three.

Characteristic One: Confidence
The "con" in "con man" means "confidence." The con man needs to gain your confidence if he is going to scam you out of your money.
But to gain your confidence, he must be confident himself. Even if he is telling an outrageous whopper, he has to tell it confidently and believably for you to accept it.

He may tell you that he has smuggled out of a country $50,000 that has been dyed black to avoid detection by X-rays. And he needs $5,000 for the solution to remove the…

Beautiful Light Music - easy smooth inspirational - long playlist by rel...

Are you feeling stressed out?  Is life becoming a strain and you wish you could find a great way of unwinding and getting into a calmer state?  Ever tried music?  Music can have a powerful effect on our emotional and mental state and can be a very effective method of relieving stress and mental tension.  At the Life Abundant Network we source the very best articles and video's that inform on the topics of Self development/achievement and mental/emotional well being.  This video, watched already by more than 28 million people has music designed to do just that.  Why not give it a go!

Simon Anderzon
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Shut Your Mouth

By Vance Larson

Shut your mouth. Stop talking. And if you must. Speak of beauty. This is the key to our happiness. I have spent my entire adult life working in mental health. I have spent my entire life meditating. There is power in silence. But, do you know what else has power? Our words.
The very words we speak dictate the quality of our lives. I have written many time over about how the company we keep shapes us. And while studies show not only is that true, we must include ourselves in that equation. For the single person you spend the most time with is yourself. And if you're always speaking of your pains, problems and troubles, you are in fact magnifying them. Learn to speak of the good in your life. Speak life into others. Negative words are a curse. The good news is you can change that. Speak of beauty and reverse the curse.

While it can be very therapeutic to talk your problems out, you must not get stuck there. So how do we do that? There are a few things to keep in mind. I…