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Transforming Negative Emotions Into Positive Feelings and Actions Part 1

Overview and Benefits

We spend a lot of time in pain from negative emotions such as anger, fear, hurt, worry, sadness, disappointment and jealousy etc. No one enjoys this, but it doesn't have to be this way. We can learn many ways to overcome and transform negative feeling and experiences. One of the greatest achievements and most important accomplishments we can have in life is to take control of our inner space; our emotions, thoughts, perceptions and attitudes. All are in the realm of personal choice if we know how to heal them. We're immersed in our own emotional energy every day whether it's positive or negative. We can learn to choose how we will feel and free ourselves from the unpleasant state of being taken over by emotions and acting in ways that don't help us while we're in their grip.

Emotions are a form of energy and each one produces a particular frequency either high or low. For example, feelings of peace, generosity and good will are high; feelings o…

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Just a little motivational lift from Kid President.  Enjoy!

To Thine Own Self Be True

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. - Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3

Laertes receives a great deal of advice from his father before leaving. This includes material on fiscal responsibility, the wisdom of not speaking without first giving thought to what will be said, the difference between modesty and cowardice, and the importance of friendship. Above all of these things, Polonius places the importance of being true to ones own nature.

There is a great deal which can be learned from this simple statement. Regardless of what others may think, it is necessary for each individual to follow her or his own path. This is true for the simplest of things like dress and hair style and the larger things like setting goals for ones life, education, and career. This can be one of the most difficult things to adhere to.

Every person is an individual, yet everyone has a number of different factors which influence their d…

Jim Rohn ~ How to Work Smarter Time Management

Having trouble getting a handle on your time management?  Like the rest of us!  Get some proven and timeless advice from Jim Rohn.  It will be 'time well spent'!

Why Leaders Must CLEARLY Understand

Have you ever noticed, or listened to, someone in a position of leadership, and thought to yourself, He just doesn't get it? Although the individual may have been intellectual, intelligent and well - meaning, there is often, not only a difference, but a significant one, between merely seeing and/ or observing, as opposed to CLEARLY understanding, the full essence, needs, concerns, priorities, and ramifications, which might relate to a specific set of circumstances, etc!

More often than not, only someone who fully, thoroughly and clearly sees and understands what needs to be done, does he become capable of becoming a needs - oriented, priorities - based, empathetic leader!

1. Character; cooperation; craftier: When someone learns from everything he sees, hears, and experiences, he develops a quality character, which focuses on cooperation, for the common good! There is often a need for someone who is willing to expand his personal comfort zone, think outside - the - box, and become c…

Daily Habits of Successful People: It's All About Routine

Brian Tracy teaches on how to become the people we want to be - how to form good habits! 2million views!

5 Tips to Sharpen Your Memory Power

Are you looking for ways to sharpen your memory? You can follow a few tips from Ron White who has helped a lot of business professions in improving their mental capacity. As a result, they were able to earn a higher income. Here are 5 tips to help you get started and improve your brain power.

Sleep is Essential
Are you sleep deprived? Getting little sleep will make your mind tired. As a result, you will make mistakes since you won't be able to focus your mind. According to health experts, the recommended amount of sleep for an average person is 6 to 8 hours. So, you should change your routine and go to bed before midnight and then get up early in the morning. This routine change will give your mind a memory boost.

Nutrition and Exercise
If you want your memory to work at its best, you should get good nutrition and do plenty of exercise on a daily basis. Foods that can sharpen your memory include blueberries and spinach. Aside from this, you can buy some omega-3 fish oil tablets for e…

Tony Robbins Helps You Train Your Brain To Stay Focused

Hi guys.  Ever struggled with keeping focused on where you want to go?  Get some great tips from Mr Tony Robbins! 

6 Tips to Being Clutter Free in 2017

It may not be time for spring cleaning yet, but getting a head start on your clutter cleaning could improve your overall emotional, physical, and mental well-being. The beginning of the year is actually the best time to start cleaning because it gives you a clear mental and physical space for 2017. If you're ready to start your clutter cleaning for the year, here are some easy tips to get your home ready.

15 Minute Rule
It's important to use time to your advantage when cleaning out clutter. Don't think about losing a whole day cleaning or spending hours in one room of your house. Instead, block out 15 minute time intervals to clean and focus on accomplishing as much as you can in those time frames. You can do 15 minutes an hour, 15 minutes a day, or 15 minutes a week. The most important thing is to keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed.

Start Small
Trying to tackle everything and jumping from room to room is a quick way to get frustrated and quit. Instead, start with one sma…

What makes a terrorist a terrorist?

What a tragedy!  22 dead as a result of another terrorist attack in England!  22 people who were alive yesterday, living out their lives, full of potential, full of significance for this world and for those around them, gone in a day; their dreams and hopes wiped out with them, their potential cruelly stolen.

What is the reason?  Isn't this the question we find ourselves asking?  People ask questions like 'how could anyone do that to another human being', 'what could make someone do something so evil'?  When this level of tragedy strikes we automatically search for answers, struggling to find the meaning and reason behind it.  So, what's the answer?  Most agree that this is not normal behaviour, that there is something terribly wrong with this kind of action - to kill as many other people as you can, even if it means sacrificing your life in the process.  Well, I tend to agree.  Anyone in their 'right mind' would surely believe the same.  

So, if this kin…

HALL OF FAME Never Back Down - Motivation _HD

How do we keep going towards our goals?  By continually surrounding ourselves with inspiration and inspirational people!  Maybe this will help!!  Stay strong!

Slave Mentality

When a person thinks and lives their life with the intent of being a slave or working for someone throughout their entire life and never being free from that is slave mentality. Most of us were subconsciously trained and taught to think this way because of the actions of our ancestors. And not only do many of us think this way but have accepted it as a way of life. After all, it's crazy to think that you will ever be free, right? Most people don't plan on living long lives, so they don't plan on not working to survive, so essentially they plan to work their entire lives.

Most people don't save their money. Most people don't have the discipline to save their money. For some crazy reason, people think about dying when they get a little bit of money and start to think that they may die before they get to spend that money. They win the lottery, they get an inheritance, a bonus and they go on a shopping spree. A common saying/thought process is that you can't take th…

Bob Proctor - Abundance Meditation

Hi guys!  Sometimes we need a little help changing our mindsets to change our world. Bob Proctor gives us this great meditation!  Tell me what you think?!

The 6 Habits of Financial Health

"Never spend your money before you have it" Thomas Jefferson
From the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep, you make constant choices. Should I eat the salad instead of the burger? Should I go jogging after work? And much much more. Over time we form habits, good and bad ones. Every day, we constantly try to implement more good habits in our daily routine. "Running on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday; High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on Monday and Thursday", those are mine with few "Should I go and grab a coffee with a friend and skip the HIIT for today?". Of course, the better your lifestyle is the better your physical fitness will be.
Financial fitness, like physical fitness, is mostly about good habits. Here are the 6 habits to adopt for better financial health.
Know how much you make and how much you spend

Knowing how much you make every month is where you should start. If you have a fixed salary, it is easy. More difficult if your salary depends…

Joe Vitale's Clearing Technique #1 attraction

Have you guys ever had any problems getting clear on what you want your life to look like?  Joe Vitale gives some very practical tips to help.  Check this out!

The Basics of Self-Esteem

Our self esteem is something that we can control and change at any time. It is based upon our beliefs and attitudes that we have about ourselves. For example, "I AM GOOD ENOUGH despite my faults, insecurities and imperfections. Who I am is not defined by what I do, what I look like, how much I weigh, or how smart I am." It is about loving who we are and accepting ourselves unconditionally.

It is allowing ourselves to be imperfect, to accept ourselves as we are, to take risks, to try new things and to "LET GO" of negative thinking, judgments and self-criticism. It is about facing our fears and knowing that regardless of the outcome we took a risk and faced a fear.

Improving our self-worth is about making our own decisions about how we want to use our free time, setting our own goals and making choices for ourselves. It is about knowing what we like and do not like and feeling comfortable saying it out loud to others without fear of rejection, ridicule or laughter. It…

How Bad Do You Want It? (Success) HD

How bad do you want it?  How much do you want to make your life count??  Check out this 41 million view video!

Task Saturation From a Student's Perspective

A universal main goal of students is to graduate. We study with the end goal of passing an exam, we take exams with the end goal of finishing a class, and we take classes with the end goal of getting a degree. There are many threats to academic success including social life (parties), financial trouble, and side jobs. One of these threats is task saturation.

Task saturation is a circumstance where there are too many tasks to accomplish and multiple distractions to the point where it becomes easy to lose focus on what is important/vital. A commonly known example is that of a pilot. Put simply, he has to proficiently communicate and work over the radio, maintain altitude levels, change speed, and steer. When all of this becomes too much to handle the chance of a crash increases.

Students can experience the same thing; albeit attending school is not as life-threatening as flying a plane. While attempting to finish multiple assignments for 5 classes, study for 3 exams that fall on the same …
Setting goals doesn't work. OK, so that's a pretty bold statement. We're taught to set goals. Goals arise from our desires and give us a direction and a destination.

The question is, why do so many people fail at achieving their goals? When I was in direct sales I was taught to aim high so that my goal was exciting to think about. I was taught that if it didn't make me want to throw up it wasn't big enough. We were asked to share our goals so we would feel accountable to reaching them and therefore take action on them. So, I set them and shared them. Most of the time I didn't even come close to meeting them. It was humiliating. Was there something wrong with me? Was I not working hard enough or being fearless enough? Did my presentation need work or did I need to completely overhaul it? I was doing what they said, so what was wrong?

I got to the point where I didn't want to even bother setting goals. Why should I when I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able …


What do you guys think of this?  'Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man.  Sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can!'  Vince Lombardi 30 million views

Uncontrolled Emotions Will Ruin Your Judgment

I'm reminded of a Coach Wooden story at the beginning of his teaching career at South Bend Central High School when one of his students, fathers was on the school board. Coach was 99% sure he would recommend this student for a high school basketball letter even if he did not fit the criteria. This student "had worked hard with a good positive attitude throughout the season, and though he lacked adequate playing time, Wooden strongly considered him for a varsity letter in basketball."

Coach Wooden said, " A few days before I had written out my final list of letterman, the player's father "suddenly" appeared in my office. Without even a hello, he demanded to know -"Are you going to put his son's name on the list?"
"I haven't made my final decision yet. I may include him, but technically your son doesn't qualify."
" The man poked his finger in Coach's chest and threatened, "Wooden, he'd better get a letter or…

Dream - Motivational Video

What dream are you carrying?  What's stopping you from living it out??  Dreams are inside us for a reason - to be fulfilled!!  38 million views

Zig Ziglar - Attitude Makes All The Difference

Check this out!  3 million views, Zig's simple steps to breaking free from a negative mindset!!!  What do you think?

Message From the Universe: The ONE Success After the MANY Failures

"It won't matter that 10,000 doors might be slammed in your face, because when door number 10,001 flies open, revealing pathways of jade and gardens of love, with flowers dancing, fountains sparkling, friends blushing, moonbeams glowing, and abundance abounding, you'll completely forget about all the other doors.
Happens every day,
The Universe"

Just like Thomas Edison with the light bulb, it worked only after the 1001th try. His response was: "I didn't fail 1000 times, I found 1000 different ways to create a light bulb before finding the right way to do it!". This is what life is all about. Nothing will work the first time around, but every time you try different strategies, you are on your way closer to getting the right one to work. It will take a lot of learning, NOT failing, before you get it right. Do not despair as that will ONLY stop you from moving forward. Life will try to stop you on your track, just to see how much you want it.

You will need …