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Success and State of Being

Reaching success is in most cases the result of 
deliberate, persistent, and constant action on a set of causal variables that allow a positive outcome. In the spiritual world, as in business, people always ask if there is a strategy or plan to follow, as if having a plan was the predictive factor of the ability to achieve the desired result. Having a plan gives clarity and direction and the ability to predict success at a rational level. Of course, we have to follow it if we want it to give us the knack to transform ourselves into masters of success production, and this, of course, depends only on us. Only we can make magic happen.

The first element of predicting success is our commitment to making the necessary changes, additions and cancellations of what needs to be transformed within and around us. This allows us to live and ride the standard set of success indicators to achieve our predictable desired goal. Using the behavior template below will help predict our desired future success safely. Our own opponent is only us. We should always strive to set the rudder bar of our life on a superior course and progress steadily from what we currently are.

-I feel competition as a motivation and see the success of others as an inspiration of what is possible to achieve and overcome.
-I get out of my comfort zone regularly and push to try, and practice, new and bold things.

-I manage my feelings, let them out, observe them, and proceed with my decisions, behavior, and ability to move toward my goal.
-I accept and love the challenge when it is launched, or I hear that something can not be done; this invigorates and excites me.
-I am always in action, even when I do nothing, and catch my brain signals inciting me to get something new.
-I control my mind and focus coherently on the positive and how to capitalize it to build new strategies and achieve my results.
-I depend on my trust in myself rather than my friends or other human beings and realize that the most consistent and reliable source of strength and support resides in my depths, and that, when -I appreciate myself, I can draw energy at any time.
-I remember that I live in an infinite reality and have endless abilities and opportunities to apply and consolidate the success indicators that guide my path to what is already planned and due to me.
-I'm on my way; I open to others, approach them, engage with them, and get involved.
-I push myself in all the ways; I talk, attend, join, invite, and encourage.
-I kindly let others enter; comfortably, routinely, and inexorably.

The key to success is to be part of the whole.

Dr. Andrea Scarsi is a meditator, mystic, and metaphysician devoting his life to sharing the supreme understanding through direct teaching and books he writes on the subject of spirituality. Through the years, he studied and deepened different meditation techniques, for awakening consciousness, energy balancing, and personal evolution, which he practices and teaches. Doctor of Metaphysical Science, he resides between the mainland of Venice, Italy, and Goa, India. You can check out one of his websites at: Books by Dr. Andrea Scarsi, where he indicates simple and everyday's ways to come in touch with your inner self.