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VOLUME 1 | Advice From The Most Successful People On The Planet | 1 Hour...

Welcome back to the Life Abundant Network blog.  This blog's focus is on sourcing you content that will empower, inform and inspire you to a knew place in your life. It's aim to help you overcome the obstacles preventing you from fulfilling the potential that is wrapped up in you, to enable you to live the life of abundance for yourself, your family and those around you whose lives you touch.  This is a long video, I'll tell you that now but even if you watch the first 5 minutes of it you'll gain a lot.  You might end up staying longer ;)  It is a compilation edited by Absolute Motivation, bringing together advice from the most successful people in the world.  Now, maybe success with regards to material things and wealth isn't really your focus; doesn't matter!  The truth is, that if we're going to be happy, content and fulfilled people we all have to overcome those obstacles in our path before we can be free to live out what's really been placed in us by our Creator.  So much good stuff is inside you, planted there so you can have an impact in the lives of those who you are destined to help.  Using the principle of learning the paths of others to whom we want to be like is one of the most effective ways of reaching those goals.  I hope you really feel propelled by this video!  It's all in you, you've just got to find a way of letting it out!!!