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Tony Robbins - LIMITLESS PASSION (Inspirational Video)

People are not lazy.  They simply have goals that do not inspire them - Tony Robbins. 

Most of us are living life trying to fulfil goals that we're not inspired by.  We're trying to fulfil the goals that society has told us to fulfil.  Get the best job you can, get the best house and car you can, raise your kids, retire, die.  Real inspiring! But, what are you passionate about and are you giving yourself the permission to let that inner voice and inner desire be realised?  None of us will ever feel happy and fulfilled in life unless we listen to that desire in our hearts and go after it.  Tony Robbins helps us understand the things which hold us back from following what 'inspires' us, that which energises and ignites our interest.  That's what we were 'made' to do.  Most are missing it.  You don't have to be one of them!  Be courageous, and be inspired by those who have done the very thing you envy them for, the very thing you've made excuses as to why you can't - to reach for your dreams.  This is a video which will help you - feel inspired!  Stay blessed.

Simon Anderzon

-The Life Abundant Network