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Why Leaders Must CLEARLY Understand

Have you ever noticed, or listened to, someone in a position of leadership, and thought to yourself, He just doesn't get it? Although the individual may have been intellectual, intelligent and well - meaning, there is often, not only a difference, but a significant one, between merely seeing and/ or observing, as opposed to CLEARLY understanding, the full essence, needs, concerns, priorities, and ramifications, which might relate to a specific set of circumstances, etc!

More often than not, only someone who fully, thoroughly and clearly sees and understands what needs to be done, does he become capable of becoming a needs - oriented, priorities - based, empathetic leader!

1. Character; cooperation; craftier: When someone learns from everything he sees, hears, and experiences, he develops a quality character, which focuses on cooperation, for the common good! There is often a need for someone who is willing to expand his personal comfort zone, think outside - the - box, and become cleverer and craftier, than an ordinary member of leadership!
2. Listen: How can one know what needs to be done, if he speaks more than he listens. Great leaders must be ready, willing and able, to effectively listen, and proceed with true empathy!

3. Empathy; excellence: How does one develop true empathy? Why is this so essential for leaders? The purpose of a leader, must be, to represent his organization and constituents, and also, consistently address their needs, concerns, priorities and perceptions! When one better understands the situation, he becomes far more able, to proceed with the utmost commitment to excellence!

4. Attitude; aptitude; attention: If you don't believe you can be successful, your performance automatically suffers! Therefore, a true leader understands he must have a true, positive, can - do attitude! This attribute, when combined with a superior, well - developed aptitude, and a willingness to pay keen attention to all relevant matters, brings forth the necessary clarity - of - mind, great leaders require and need.


5. Relevant; reasonable: Don't sweat the petty stuff! This seemingly, basic, simple concept, must become the automatic mindset! Therefore, true leaders must be certain, they are proceeding in a relevant manner, and being reasonable in their approaches, and expectations!
6. Learn: Focusing, believing, training, good intentions, etc, are important traits, but unless one truly learns, from every experience, he will be unable to proceed, as clearly, as a great leader, should, and must!

7. You: There's no room for blaming, complaining and making excuses! If you want to be the best possible leader, it'll always be up to you!

Do you CLEARLY understand what must be done, if you become a leader? If so, focus, and go for it!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development,consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands of leaders, and conducted personal development seminars, for 4 decades. Rich has written three books and thousands of articles. His company, PLAN2LEAD, LLC has an informative website: and LIKE the Facebook page for leadership: