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Be Hungry (Fight For It) - Motivational Short Story ᴴᴰ

Did you know that you're one of two kinds of people?  The kind that is happy with the mundane, who doesn't want to rock the boat, who just want the 'easy life' and aren't prepared to pay the cost of finding the fulfilled life - or, you're the kind of person who feels a healthy dissatisfaction with the 'normal'.  Do you know that dissatisfaction has been 'put there' to stir you up, to give you an awareness that there is something so much better that you can be doing with your life, a dream that needs to be fulfilled whilst you're still on this earth, a dream that needs to be fulfilled if you're going to leave this world happy and content, knowing you used your life for a greater purpose than just yourself, knowing that you're leaving a legacy behind that will have an impact on others long after you're gone...