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Learning From Your Mistakes - How to Overcome Carelessness

How many times in your life have you made silly mistakes and regretted? Instead of feeling bad and lamenting about them, it is time to take a smart approach. What do I mean? Read on to find out.

Rather than digging yourself in self-pity and feeling down, be happy and attempt to learn from your mistakes so that you don't make them a second time. Life is itself a learning process and if you can't make any mistakes, you can't make anything. So you needn't be too careful or too careless. But be willing to learn from your mistakes all the time.
Here are a few scenarios which show how you could overcome your carelessness:

1) If you criticize yourself in front of your friends for instance, "I am not smart" or "I am too fat", your friends will believe you and look at you from that approach. It is indeed silly to speak ill of you in front of others. You do a lot of harm to yourself speaking against you in front of others. So the idea is to upgrade your thoughts about you and speak in front of others about yourself from that light.
2) If you criticize your significant other in public, s/he will feel embarrassed and your relationship might be at stake. You friends or pals will not respect you or your partner. If you have issues with your partner, confront them privately but not in public. This is a good lesson to learn.

3) In our life we always rush and do stuff. In fact it actually retards our progress. For instance, how about rushing to close your car doors and going to office only to realize you have left your car keys inside your car!

If you had been more steady and careful, this would have never happened. Next time don't make the same mistake and create chaos. Be mindful of the things you do in your daily life and thrive!

4) How about forgetting your cell phone to take with you when you plan to do massive shopping? Your family at home will be worried sick not being able to contact you. So remember to take all your essentials in your handbag and stop being careless.

5) How about cooking something on the stove and forgetting to switch it off because you think of getting ready to go outside while the dish gets cooked on the stove for a few more minutes. After getting ready you forget the stove and leave home.

Of course the smoke detector will detect the smoke and alert others at home but it is simply dangerous for your young children even if they are under the care of a nanny. This is simply a gross mistake on your part and never think of multitasking because it only complicates and worsens matters.
6) Do you make mistakes frequently involving calculations or design regarding your work projects? Ask yourself where you could be going wrong and try to rectify it and learn. Ask others' help to understand your mistakes at work so that you do not repeat them. Your raise or promotion could be at stake. So be careful when you carry out your work projects and learn fast from your mistakes, taking care not to make them again and again.
Summing up, those are some of the cases where you could be careless and making mistakes. It is always wise to learn from them, holding no regrets, and show the world what quality material you are.

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