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An Extraordincary Life Cannot Be Acquired In School

 By Sergei VanBellinghen
It seems pretty evident that an extraordinary life cannot be acquired in school. However, children and young people are often taught that studying and working hard will eventually lead them to success. The irony of it all is that people who are not doing so well in school usually finish by making it in life.
When you are small, you are taught that if you want to be successful and have a good life, you have to study rigorously, work hard and get good results at school. So it seems that the norm is getting straight A's in school if you want to have a lucrative existence.
But in truth, how many become successful after school, college or university is ending?
It seems that school dropouts are the ones creating an extraordinary life for themselves while the straight 'A' students work for them in their multi-dollar businesses. The people who do not do so well in school have the feeling that they will not be a good employee or make real money by being one.
They would rather prefer to create their sources of income, making them successful self-made entrepreneurs. I dropped out of school at 14 years old to follow my chosen dreams at the time. Most of the young people, who are so disciplined at school, get good grades and submit their homework on time to finish eventually with a job they despise just to obtain a safe salary.
The Keys to Success Are Not Taught in School
I don't say that studying isn't right or am I trying to discourage anyone from giving up their studies, but I just state that failure is inevitable when the theories of the classroom do not match up to the experiences in real life.
So, all I am saying is that to have a fruitful and abundant life, what is necessary is not learned in school. Studying topics like foreign languages, math, and grammar are essential and useful in the real world, but the main menu of the education system is not perfect and is not learned in school.
A lot of the things which are indispensable to life are missing and many wrong habits being taught.
The School System is a Mind Trap
With a strict following process, you as a student are limited to what you can do. You have to speak a certain way when answering a question after raising your hand to ask permission.
Such structure does not teach young people to create their thoughts and ideas to have an extraordinary existence but rather to reorganize them, which produce students pleasing their ego rather than discovering who they are. The school system wants you to put your hand up and wait to be selected.
It makes it a habit of keeping asking other people for permission. It teaches you to deliver on expectations rather than change, to expect that people in authority know rather than letting you have imagination and inspiration, to believe that they have your best, long-term wellbeing at heart rather than letting you know that the only thing they are concerned about is your accomplishments.
The Need to Think Outside the Box

In essence, to flourish in school, you must be compliant, and whether you are a good student or not depend on the hopes and beliefs of the professors.
But teachers directly impose on students to follow the rule books instead of leaving them room for creativity or rational thoughts. Most of these educators do not even help students understand why they should do certain things to attain a great future.
It does not work this way in real life. To have an extraordinary life, you need to think out of the box instead of following the crowd and doing what everybody else does.
There are also many more aspects to take care of aside from the school subjects. Such examples are: what should you do to be a happy person, how to be able to maintain a healthy relationship, how to work the smart way, how to manage money in a correct way, what to do to live a meaningful life, etc.
School Life is Theory but Reality Life is Practical
To lead a fruitful and extraordinary life, you should understand that it does not work as it is in school. It is like day and night!
Note that doing badly in school does not make you a failure. While you must have some essential knowledge and skills, numbers show that many people who were dropouts or failed at school did succeed well in life.
You may have already known that Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Jim Carey, etc. which did not do too well in school or were school dropouts and still manage to have a fruitful and extraordinary life.
You can verify a whole list of these successful people here.
Now you may recognize the distinction between doing well in school and doing well in life, what should you know?
The Most Innovative People 
While 'A' students are serious and diligent, the others who are seen as lazy think more intensely on how to disrupt the standards, on how to accomplish better things by self-educating themselves, and at times end up with the smallest ideas which everyone adopts afterward.
This post should persuade you that you do not have to be great in school to succeed and have an extraordinary life. Life is a long run lesson, so never stop self-education. Keep learning and educating yourself because what you learned in school will never be enough to lead a great life.
And if you are a student, do not be too serious about your school results and grades. Do not believe what you have been told all along, that having good grades is the only method to succeed or that following all the rules are best for you.
But do not also go about breaking some of the necessary rules in life unless you understand them. All I am saying is do not stop thinking or dreaming. Discover your potential and unleash your abilities because it is how you build confidence and eventually lead a successful and extraordinary life. 
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