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Why Do I Believe In The Law Of Attraction? Part 2

Conclusion of 'Why do I believe in the Law of Attraction'
By Pedro Avalos

My jaw dropped to the floor. Here she was, my oldest sister, the one who had always given me grief. I absolutely never expected something like this from her. She was broke all the time. She always called me to borrow money or to ask for some kind of help. She was divorced and never got married again, and having two teenagers - one in high school and another in the first year of college - was not easy.
Here I was in the 89th day of my 90-day exercise, and see what was happening? The Universe was fulfilling my dream through a person from whom I never expected anything!
"Good night, little kid. I am going to deposit the money tomorrow in your bank account, so don't forget to check it out. You don't want me to do everything and go to buy it and drive it to your home, right?"
"Of course not; have a good night sister."
As soon as we hung up, I practiced my exercise and went to sleep. I didn't give too much importance to the incident. The next day at work was very hard. I was immersed in my job and completely forgot the conversation with my sister. It was already dark when I got home, and as soon as I got in the phone rang.
"Little kid, I deposited the money in your bank account. Did you check it out? By the way, I deposited an extra $500 just in case you need something else."

My phone is on the desk beside my computer, so I quickly turned my PC on and checked my balance online. She HAD deposited the money, and I thanked her from the deepest part of my heart fifty times; I remember it perfectly.
Soon after, I called my friend Charles who works for a Toyota car dealer. He knew about my financial situation so his first reaction was, "Lito, I am not in the mood for jokes right now." "It is true," I replied, "my sister gave me the money; an old debt, you know."
Right after lunch the next day, he called me. He had gotten me a $500 discount because I was going to pay cash. Can you picture that; a man with low income, an old car and deep debt was going to pay cash for a brand new car with full equipment?
Throughout the three-month exercise, I had been thinking every day how wonderful it would be if I could have an extra $1000 just to invest in an Internet business. The Universe gave me that too: the extra $500 that my sister deposited and the $500 discount from Charles. I didn't ask for it deliberately as I did with the car. But I believe the Universe gave it to me because I was thinking about that $1000 dollars every day, feeling really good about it and practicing detachment.
I don't know why, but detachment is key. Please understand I am no guru, and I am telling you about my experience not as a guru, but as an ordinary guy sharing what the law of attraction has done for me and can do for you. Since that time, miracles haven't stopped in my life.
The first time I put the law of attraction into practice I was picking things up from here and there, combining different tools and theories, re-reading many books, and sometimes becoming exhausted during the process. I did this because I wanted to prove the law scientifically.
By this time, I had read many books and experienced many things, so after I got my car I decided to create my own manual about the law of attraction.

I prepared 10 chapters to refresh the theory in my mind. Then I prepared 1-3 exercises at the end of each chapter in order to put the theory into practice right away. Now, instead of consulting many books all the time, I had a step-by-step manual with simple exercises at the end of each chapter. It was time to prove whether my manual worked according to the scientific method.
At this point I determined to clear my debts using my manual. I had never maxed out my credit cards because I had good credit before, and my credit limit was high. Even so, my credit card debt was more than 10 grand. For me, that was really a lot.
Because my manual has 10 chapters and exercises at the end of each chapter, I decided to practice 6 cycles of 10 days over 2 months. The manual is comprehensive and step-by-step, so if it worked, it would now be very easy to practice the law of attraction.

I was ready to start out on Saturday, but the Friday before I was going to start they fired me. "Come on, man," I thought, "I am going to practice a 60-day exercise to clear my debt, and now I am apparently without any income at all." My way of thinking had changed a lot - I thought "apparently" no income. I was not a period guy anymore.
I knew that if I practiced the exercises anyway and really felt it, I was going to feel great because you have to believe that what you are visualizing is already yours. That's the part I love most about the law of attraction. As soon as you convince your subconscious that what you are imagining is real, somehow your mind accepts it, and you feel great even though your eyes see different apparent circumstances.
During the fifth day practicing my manual, my friend Frank called me.
"Lito, I got some good customers and I have no time to take care of them. I trust you can help me with that."
"But Frank, you know, I know almost nothing about sales."
"No problem, I know my customers very well, and I am going to tell you exactly how to treat them and what to tell them, even your gestures."
I visited these guys as Frank instructed me, but I didn't see a clear signal that they were going to buy anything. I didn't want to complain, though, because I didn't have enough experience with sales to judge what was really happening. Nobody knows enough to be a pessimist.
Finally, one of these customers bought more than expected, and the next week after I finished my sixth cycle of exercises, I got a big commission. It was enough to pay for about 95% of my debt, food, gas, and other bills. Two months later I got the final part of my commission and could pay the debt completely. Lo and behold, the manual worked!
The interesting part about this example is that when I finished the 60-day exercise I thought my manual didn't work. I also thought that maybe I was seeking too much attention because I dared to prove my manual in 60 days, while my first successful exercise combined the 90-day techniques of very well know gurus.
Happily, the week after I finished the 60-day exercise, the Universe showed me that I had learned the lesson. That is very important to me. It doesn't matter that I am living proof that the law of attraction works; I am always a 'learn-it-all' because that is better than being a 'know-it-all.'
I gave my manual a name I feel is very appropriate because this is the way it has worked for me: A Complete Guide to Making Universal Laws Work for You.
I have practiced the principles and exercises in my manual, and in return reaped the following:

  • A better income. On one occasion, I made almost $5,000 in a couple of days. For me, that's a lot. In my last job, before I started to experiment with the law of attraction, I made only about $150 a week.
  • The laptop I always wanted.
  • Attendance at very expensive seminars for free.
  • Fully sponsored travel.
  • A free copy of the movie The Secret.
I don't have enough space to tell you so many wonderful stories. But one really wonderful story for me is that you are reading this letter right now.

I have practiced the principles and exercises in my manual in order to attract many people so that I can share these principles and exercises with them. I love it!
My manual has become very popular among some modern gurus: Joe Vitale, John Harricharan, Patric Chan, and Terri Levine (among others) have all offered my manual to their respective subscriber lists. You can read their testimonials in my home page.

Pedro Avalos, is a teacher by nature, is also writer and motivator. He has become very famous for his practical and revolutionary eCourse "How to Be Motivated for Success Every Moment of Your Life." This person has outstanding teaching credentials and many personal success stories-many people who contact him have had unbelievable results by applying these tips! Now he has summarized this course and all the experiences of more than 20 years helping people to be motivated every moment in his book TEN ENLIGHTENED TEACHINGS.