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Con Men: How They Can Teach Us Positive Characteristics

By Joe Libby

I know what you're thinking: "Joe, have you lost your mind? Con men rip people off! They can't teach me anything."
Well, I disagree with your third statement. The most successful con men ("successful" being a relative term), have characteristics that contribute to their success. Believe it or not, we really can learn a few positive things from them and apply them (the right way!) in our own lives. Let's talk about just three.

Characteristic One: Confidence
The "con" in "con man" means "confidence." The con man needs to gain your confidence if he is going to scam you out of your money.
But to gain your confidence, he must be confident himself. Even if he is telling an outrageous whopper, he has to tell it confidently and believably for you to accept it.

He may tell you that he has smuggled out of a country $50,000 that has been dyed black to avoid detection by X-rays. And he needs $5,000 for the solution to remove the dye from the money. If he is hesitant or nervous when telling you this, you probably won't believe it and might tell him to jump in a lake.
But if he is confident and calm, because he has rehearsed the story to the point that he owns it, you just might believe him and be hooked.
If you want to become more confident at anything, you need to work at it, prepare, and practice until you own it. This applies to martial arts, to learning ventriloquism, or going to job interviews.

Characteristic Two: Patience
A con man who is a real pro is patient. He knows the first person he talks to may not end up being a sucker. Maybe not the second. Maybe not the fiftieth. But if he talks to enough people, eventually somebody will be hooked by his story.
If you are working toward a goal, keep at it. There will be pitfalls. You'll stumble and fall, so get back up. Eventually you will achieve your goal.

Characteristic Three: Focus
The BBC TV program THE REAL HUSTLE showed the hosts demonstrating different cons and scams every week. It was great entertainment and education, but it isn't the way most con men operate. Typically, the con man only works one con (maybe two) and continues working it to perfection. This also requires patience, and it helps develop confidence.

Too often, people chase after every shiny object they see. As a result, they don't get good results in life. Stay focused on your goals so you achieve them. And your confidence level will soar.

And You Thought You Couldn't Learn Anything from Con Men!

Obviously, I don't want you to start scamming people. But when you are trying to improve your confidence, patience, and focus, you can always ask yourself "Now, how would a con man do it?"
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