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From Little Things, Big Things Grow!

By Jennie Gorman

Songs have been written on this title about social change over the years and the saying was not new in the 1900's. For me, I see this as a great quote for small business people who start out with very little and with courage and determination go ahead and create their passion into a business that they are proud to own.
Great things may come from small beginnings as we find with small business owners. An essay within in 1798 by D.Everett in The Columbian Orator says: "Large streams from little fountains flow, Tall oaks from little acorns grow." So as we can see, this is a concept that has been around for a very long time!

A more familiar quote is "Mighty oaks grow from little acorns" or "Great oaks from little acorns grow" no doubt rings a bell to most readers. Again, saying that sometimes small and modest can become very large and impressive with time.
We start our business initially by using the skills we have learned. The most important structure we create needs to have a strong foundation so that it can build from small beginnings into what we want to create with our time and expertise in the future. Being aware of our own skillset and what the required skills are for success for the enterprise is all important.
Great things or people often have humble origins. With the correct structure and people in place it is possible to create what we want. Being in business is a learning curve for us all.
Working with clients now over many years I have discovered that for a solo operator to become successful they must be aware of their own innate gifts. By understanding this, one can then find the people they need to surround themselves with to create the success that they want. This must be a win-win for all concerned and joint venturing or collaborations work well today for small business owners.

I find that people go into business these days more out of necessity as they cannot find the job or work that they want. We are fortunate to be able to start out on a shoestring and work from home, which was not always possible. As the economy changes and people need to become more creative, we find that interesting businesses are arising from no-where, often from hobbies or a creative urge for survival.
Being in business takes a survival instinct, a creative bent and a courage that makes it all possible.
Many businesses start with little or no funding other than lots of persistence, sweat and tears, along the way. To believe in oneself and the skills that each of us has is the biggest quality that is needed initially. Once we have been able in our head to create and see the vision of what we want to build, we then need to understand our WHY for wanting it.

Many business people understand and know the WHAT of their business. Without the WHY, which is what will make it blossom, failure is often inevitable.
It is important to firstly know your 'why' for creating your business. Once you understand this you can then look at the 'what', then 'who' you need, 'where' and 'when' you need it and lastly 'how' are you going to make it happen?
Dependent on the personality of the business owner, they will need to have the correct two people around them who will balance out the business skillsets. This process is found through 'Wealth Dynamics' created by Roger Hamilton. This is a thinking profile which supports solo and small business owners to greater success.
So, are you ready to grow from something small to something large?

If you answer yes, I will ask you 'Why'. I would then go through the series of questions using the above words to work with you. Understanding and having goals are necessary for you to build your business. Knowing how to plan and time your business is important to as many businesses grow too fast without the correct infrastructure, and inevitably run out of funds or the foundations crumble.

Owning a business is the most freeing and creative endeavour a true entrepreneur can do. It is important that you have more than the technical skills though as understood the Michael Gerber's book 'The E-Myth - Revisited'. A MUST READ for all business owners. Too many people starting a business are the technician not the entrepreneur.
Being an entrepreneur is about taking initiative and risks, in the attempt to make a profit. This is not as easy as it sounds as many people find out who have tried. Find the people to put around you who can help you grow your creation using their skills along with your ideas and innate gifts.

One of the most important things that a business owner needs to do is learn to understand themselves. Start, if you haven't already, to do personal development. Getting to really know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and what makes you tick will be the greatest gift you can give yourself. Only by learning about yourself can you really grow and be successful.
The gift of a successful business owner is being able to go to bed at night and sleep well. If you toss and turn and become sleep deprived, you will make mistakes and not make good decisions for your future.

So, I say, grow yourself and then grow your business.
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