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Meet Yourself: A User's Guide to Building Self-Esteem: Niko Everett at T...

Have you ever struggled with low self-worth/self-esteem?  Most people have at some point and actually this is one the most critical areas of our lives, as it determines how successful we will be in every area of our lives.  For those who really struggle in this area of identity and self-worth, they find that everything in life can be a struggle, whereas for those who have a well developed sense of self-worth, it is the key to finding and maintaining healthy relationships, and achieving their goals in life, becoming happy and well rounded people.   In this fantastic video Niko Everett gets straight to the point and shows how we can actually heal our self-esteem ourselves!  Interested?  You'll want to watch this then!  Enjoy!!

To your fulfilment and success,

Simon Anderzon

-The Life Abundant Network
Hi! I research topics such as self-development achievement and mental health. I have a passion to use my life experiences and research to help others reach their full potential.