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Better Quality of Life: How Having a Positive Attitude Can Help You Achieve It

Mitchell Carney

Usually, the term "quality of life" is used for people who are hurdling towards the finish line of this race we call life. So why am I using it now? Well, ask yourself how much time you have left. You can probably estimate how many years until you reach old age, but, in reality, there is no guarantee you will actually reach it.
Next, I want you to think back to your earliest memory. How long ago was that? I'm not asking for the number of years, I'm asking how far back does it feel? Has your life up until now passed in the blink of an eye or does it feel like an eternity?

My point is, no-one knows how much time they have left, so the term "quality of life" should be used for us all. Moreover, if it affects everyone, everyone should know - or at least want to know - how to improve it. One way to do that, is with a positive attitude. Here's why.

You have control

A lot of the time, people blame the negative events in their life for their reduced quality of life. They have a victim mentality, giving away their control. Sure, bad things that are out of your control may happen from time to time, but it's not these events that dictate your life, it's how you react to them. With a little bit of training, you will be able to control such reactions. However, control isn't all you need, the ability to make the right choice in reactions is just as important.
If you have a negative attitude and think that the whole world is against you, you are more likely to make a bad decision. The opposite happens when you have a positive attitude.

Your perceptions change

Our perceptions are based on our beliefs, which, in-turn, come from our experiences. Ironically, our experiences are based on our perceptions. It goes round and round and round. Hence, people who think bad things are always happening to them, always have bad things happen to them. Luckily, there is a way to alter this pattern. Your attitude.
By applying a positive attitude to focus on the good things in life, the bad things slowly lose their significance. In this way, a bad event may result in a few good things learned. Those few good things reduce the scale of the bad event, which leads to perceived decrease in the effects of the event. Your perception changes, so your experience changes, then your belief changes, creating a better perception for the next event.

Positive Attitude = Positive Quality of Life

Before long, your perception of life will be positive. You will naturally focus on the positive aspects of any events that occur in your life. The ratio of good to bad things that happen to you will increase, therefore, creating the belief that your life is mostly positive. And a positive life is a good quality life.
Learning to have a positive attitude can be hard though. Especially if you are already set in your ways about life giving you lemons. One thing I found that helped me a lot was learning about the power of thoughts.

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