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The Amazing Secret of The Law of Attraction: The Law of Attraction Exposed

By Mokie T. Cairn

I am frequently asked, "Why is it that the Law of Attraction seems to work only for a lucky few?"
In this article, you will learn:
  • Why the Law of Attraction seems not to work for most people.
  • Why it is so important to consciously ask?
  • What is allowing?
The concept of the Law of Attraction can be difficult to get our heads around. This article will lay down the basics for you.

Think back a couple of hundred years. People had no concept of gravity till Sir Isaac Newton got knocked on the head by that apple. It hadn't occurred to him until that moment that some force of nature was at work because if there wasn't, why didn't the apple fall up?
Suddenly, a new branch of science was born which would try to dig up all the facts about this strange force.

In the 1800's a British fellow was experimenting with moving a wire through a magnetic field. He felt a little poke at the ends of the wire. Further experiments led to the discovery of electromagnetism and another strange power was discovered.
View the Law of Attraction as a Universal force that is always with us, always responding to our wishes on a second by second basis.
If you're like me, you look at that statement as strange as the concept of gravity or electromagnetism were in their time. You've seen examples of its manifestations many times. What of the people in this world that keep attracting bad relationships, bad business partners, bad jobs they hate and so on? They are getting what they ask for by focusing so much on these things.
Something in them is subconsciously asking for these bad things and the Universe is responding. It doesn't send us people, places and things that would make our lives a paradise on earth. The network of bad programs in our brains keeps asking, and it keeps giving.

Imagine the Universal force being just like radio waves and the force of gravity. Both of those affect our bodies all the time. Our bodies are stuck to the ground and millions of electromagnetic particles and waves go right through our bodies all the time.
Turn your attention to sunlight. If you are careful, you can enjoy sunlight on yourself, but if you take a magnifying glass and tightly focus the same sunlight, you can get a piece of wood to burn.
I don't like to use the Aladdin analogy, the "Your wish is my command," business. It makes it look as if all you have to do is state your wishes, sit back, grab the remote and let it happen. All the while, your mind is in default mode, dwelling on the same old negative thoughts, always focusing on the same old bad relationships, bad jobs and so forth.

This why the Law of Attraction seems to not work for most people.

The truth of the matter is that it works all the time. People don't realize that these requests to the Universe are not "fire and forget" things. We have to stay focused as much as we can on what we want.
Can you see that, somehow, you have to quiet the programs that are running your life?

Why it is so important to consciously ask?

Most of us don't realize that all day long our minds are sending out requests to the Universe. Whether it is for things we want or things we don't want, the answer is always "Yes".
It follows that what appears in our lives are what we asked for subconsciously, the bad things we've been thinking about over and over again. The odd time that something good that we really wanted and thought about often happens, we just attribute it to dumb luck.

What is allowing?

Why would we have to consciously allow what we asked for into our lives? We don't know it, but our negative thoughts act like blockages in the Universe's delivery system.
If we wish for things once or twice and forget about them, the answer from the Universe is always "Yes!", but it can't deliver when the road to your life experience is traffic jammed with thoughts of anger, fear, envy and so on.

The art of receiving.

Just like the other parts of the Law of Attraction, we have to pay special attention to keeping our manifestation channel as obstruction free as possible.
The best way to allow is to put your request aside except for times that you feel happy and upbeat. At these times, your manifestation channel tends to be quite free of obstructions and road blocks to allow the good things you have desired.
Getting into the habit of doing this is an art which I cannot go into here. There are many fine books and videos that explain these concepts magnificently. If you feel lost trying to make sense of all this, don't get discouraged. Take your time, start by manifesting small things. What are you manifesting from your subconscious mind? Look around you. What you are experiencing in your life are the manifestations of many of the things you don't want, but which you pay a great deal of conscious attention to. This includes everything from bad jobs to terrible relationships.

By the way, if you would like a list of the 5 resources I have used to change my life by consciously harnessing the Law of Attraction, get a free copy of my 1 page PDF of the 5 resources I used by downloading it here. There is no charge and no email address is asked of you. 2 are free and the other 3 cost just a few dollars. You probably have one of these in your house already! P.S. Don't give up, keep trying and learning. These concepts are "ringing true" for you for a reason.

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