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Developing Your Creative Genius

By Dr Alicia Holland

Do you wonder why it is important to understand our true birth identity? Do you know your spiritual gifts and talents? The answer to these two questions might spark an interest in getting to know more about the creative genius in which you are. You are born with the ability to create and manifest and you may have noticed that in elementary school. There are three strategies that can help you develop your creative genius.

Connect to Your Intuition

The first strategy is to take the time out to be still and quiet your mind in some form of meditation and mindfulness practices. This will allow for you to connect to your intuition, which is your higher self, or creative force that allows you to connect with your inner child.

It's the part of your soul that allows you to create and imagine all the possibilities in which you can take to carry out your dreams. Your intuition gives you divine guidance on which step to take next and how to present your creative works in the form that works for your gifts and talents.

Take Time Out to Practice

The second strategy is to take the time out to practice your gift. It's not the time to perfect it, but it allows your creative juices to flow and allow you to create work much more effective and within less time. You may discover during this practice time that more gifts are revealed to you that will help you finalize any of your creative works. For instance, as you are in creative meditation, you may discover that you should also add in a new layer to your chosen creative works as practice allows for your intuition to be in sync as you are creating.

Serve Humanity with Your Gift

The last strategy to developing your creative genius is to share it with the World. Your gifts and talents will make room for you and it is important to have the confidence to share your creative works with the world so that it can help them.

People will also give you constructive feedback about your creative works and their feedback will continue to help you refine your gifts and talents. Before you know it, you will be achieving a new level of creative genius.
It is your divine birth right to live boldly and intuitively! After all, You are a Creative Genius!

Alicia Holland, EdD, also known as ArizonaAlise, is an Intuitive Life Coach who has been having prophetic dreams since she was 7. She works with people of all walks of life through her intuitive life coaching at the 501c(3) Not for Profit, Alise Spiritual Healing & Wellness Center. Dr. Alise teaches others how to connect to their intuition to tap into their creative genius. Check out the latest book, "6 Steps to Tapping Into Your Creative Genius: How to Manifest Your Dreams Using Intuition, Creativity, and Meditation. To work with Dr. Alise, please visit

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