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Slow and Steady Equals Progress

WOW- can you believe it's almost June?

Into the sixth month of 2017 already?! This quick passage of time is a bit about what the topic is today - that little bits and pieces will help with getting projects done, even if it is just little bits and pieces!
I'm into the last week of this round of eye drops, which seems to be the way I have watched the rapid passing of the year thus far, drop by drop. My detached retina repair seems to be holding and the cataract surgery the initial surgery caused is now behind me. Yahoo! My sight is almost back to where I was in early January, thank goodness! Sight is something we so take for granted - never again!

This leads me to trying to tackle projects whose completion seems to have stymied me thus far, for many and varied reasons. Yep - I have the same 'I need a push' issues that you face, and have just had wonderful excuses all year. No more! I have company coming the 3rd week of June and they are expecting to see the photo album of our trip (last fall!) to Italy, no excuses! Isn't that just the way, though? We procrastinate until there no longer is time left for such an inane pretext.

All of you, friends and clients, are aware of one of my biggest 'preaching tools' - It doesn't matter if you do only 15 minutes a day of decluttering, organizing, filing, whatever... by the end of the week, you have almost two hours of that project done! Wahoo! Don't tell me you don't have 15 minutes - just put down your phones, stop site-surfing, turn off the tube, right? You can do it!
I've always tried to walk my own talk, with some success, in devoting about an hour a day to a photo-book task. I have now realized, in seeing my sister-in-law's 2015 album recently (wonderful with mostly just photo after photo and no text necessary!), that I've also been falling into another productivity trap - perfectionism!

Oh, yes, we all know that perfection doesn't exist, so stop aiming for it, right? Great reminder! I truly do not need (and no one cares!) to be able to identify the building each ceiling and tapestry comes from. The research on that has been horrendous, and after one trip to Italy, I'll never be a scholar of ancient art, anyway!
So, as I close out this article, I'm going to regroup over unfounded 'needs' for that mission and just 'git 'er done' as a certain comedian prompts. How?
  1. Noting my obligation on the calendar each day;
  2. Knowing that the required completion date is fast approaching and procrastination does not get me to the finish line;
  3. Even if I only have 15 minutes each day, I will be accountable for that minimal bit of time;
  4. I know my reward is coming, in being able to visually share our trip of a lifetime!
You're heard me on all this before, right? Reminders don't hurt any of us, do they? Onward! Slow and steady = progress AND completion!

Here's to your success in getting past some ever-present nagging job! Of course, you can do it!

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