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The Moment All Confidence Is Born

All confidence is born in a tiny, fleeting easy to miss moment. These moments happen hundreds of times a day. Confident people have taught themselves to (1) spot these opportunities, and (2) once spotted - to give birth to their confidence.
All confidence is not fixed, but it's in a constant state of fluctuation. Confidence is always going up and down. This is normal. Everything that happens to you every second of each day moves your confidence up or down, causing this fluctuation.
You are talking to yourself twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. You are likely to have become so used to this internal chatter that you don't even realize it's happening. But listening to what your inner voice is saying to you is critical in your pursuit of confidence.
Sadly for most of us this inner voice is negative, fearful and insecure, in other words - not confident. It drags you down till you are insecure. Even the most confident of people have moments when this internal voice is negative, and this makes their confidence drop.

The secret to confidence is:
1 - It's not a one-time-deal. You don't just become confident once, and that's it you are confident for life.

2 - Confidence is made up of all the seconds of your life. Confidence is made up of the 86,400 seconds in each of your days.

3 - The more seconds in your day you are confident the more confident you will be.

The secret to being more confident is to ensure that you work to make sure that you feel confident for as many seconds each day as possible.
How do you feel confident? You just think confident thoughts.
How do you ensure that you spend as much of each day thinking confident thoughts? You learn to spot the tiny fleeting birth moments of confidence.

What does a confidence birth moment look like?
Let us imagine two people:
1 - Mr or Mrs Confident, and
2 - You.
Let us suppose your lives are identical in every respect, apart from confidence.
The post or an email arrives with a bill. You open your bill, and the other you opens their bill in their parallel universe.
Your bills are much higher than you were expecting.
Both of your inner voices say the following:
"Oh no. How much? What am I going to do? How am I going to afford this? Where will I get the money from? Why is so big? What if this happens next month? What did I do wrong? How am I going to fix this? Why does this happen to me?" and so on.

I bet you've had this sort of mental conversation many many times?
Now it's precisely when this sort of conversation is going on in your head, that the birth moment of confidence creeps up on you silently, waits for a split second and then is gone... almost un-noticed by you. This is the key, the very heart of the confident / not confident dilemma.
What happens in that tiny moment determines whether you'll become more confident, or less confident, and the key to this moment is:
- recognizing that you are thinking negatively.

The birth of confidence lies in that tiny moment when you realize your thoughts are full of doubt, fear, weakness, worries and insecurities.
Now whether you become more or less confident:
- all depends on what you do with that recognition. It depends on how you respond.

There are now two ways you can go:
1 - Less confident, or
2 - More confident.
What is the difference in the response of a non-confident person, and a confident person?

A Non Confident Person

A non-confident person will, realize they are thinking negatively, pause for a second and then just go back into the swirl of worry, stress and low self-esteem. They've missed their chance.

A Confident Person

A confident person will, realize they are thinking from an un-confident position, and decide that they really really don't want that. They will find a way, by any means to get their head thinking about whatever the issue is - from a more positive position. They don't have to think much more positively. Any improvement is improvement enough.
That's all the difference there is.
Now this scenario happens hundreds of times a day. All the difference there is between a person of high or low self-esteem, is that the person of high self-esteem:

1 - Spots when they are thinking negatively and then switches to something more positive, and

2 - They do this hundreds of times every day.

The difference is as small as that. The birth of confidence, every time is so easy to miss. But now that you know about it, you need to make every effort to train yourself, starting today, to work at it every day, to constantly improve your ability to (1) spot when you are thinking negatively, and (2) each time you do switch your thoughts to something more positive, aren't you?
So to finish, the key to this whole article - and to you becoming more confident, is to:
- recognize when you are thinking negatively, and then do something, whatever it takes, to get your mind thinking more confidently, even if it's just slightly more confidently, hundreds of times each day.

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