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Organize Your Life and Your Estate

As we get further into 2017 why don't you make a resolution to get your life organized! Do something for your family and yourself.
Being "organized" isn't just about clearing out the clutter in your closet. It's about everyday life. Being organized is a life style. It's a life "choice".
People can walk through life aimlessly. Going from one crisis to another with no plan. Or they can have a "life plan" and know what they want and how they are going to get there.

Don't get me wrong - it's not always easy. Even if you have a "plan" the road can be very rocky if not impossible.
But without a plan - a course of action - you will never get there and never achieve your goals.
It's sort of like building a house. You have to decide what "kind" of house you want to build. What style? What do you want it to look like? How many bedrooms? Where are you going to put the windows and doors? What type of flooring? Who is going to build it? Who is going to do the electrical and the plumbing?
Lots of questions. And you need to have answers. The house won't get built without your input and answers. And after you make the decisions - you have to live with the consequences.

So, if you haven't thought things out carefully you might end up with a window in your closet but no door to get in. Or the kitchen is not big enough for the subzero refrigerator that you wanted.
If you know your end goal and you have a plan for what you need to do to get there you can just check off each step as you go.
But if you skip ahead to the end - without a plan - you might be very disappointed with the end result. Even with a plan you will need to be flexible and have "alternative" options. Because if you don't and life throws you a curve ball you might get too rattled to continue the game.

Life is a challenge. And sometimes you will need to ask directions.
Be prepared. Have a map. And a compass.
Start by getting your life and all of your important papers organized. Yes - you should have a will and a living will. Everyone should have one. It's not just for "old" people. If you have a family or any possessions, you need to protect yourself. Let your fingers do the walking and find an attorney to help you will all of those important details.
But - even more importantly there are those hundreds of details that seem to fall through the cracks for most people.

Do you know where all of your important documents are? Does your spouse or partner know where they are?
Do you have a readily available list of all of your financial accounts? Do you have the contact information for your financial advisors, bankers, lawyer and other people - all in one easy to grab piece of paper (or computer file)?
Do you have a list of all of your assets?
Do you have a list of all of your insurance providers? Health, vehicle, life, homeowners?
Do you have a list of all of your health care providers and your medical information?
Do you have a list of... anything?

What would happen in an emergency if you were not able to tell your spouse/partner where you put all of this information. Panic would set in. Everyone would be scrambling looking all over the house to find it. And in the case of the death of a loved one the extra stress would be overwhelming.

Take a few hours and organize your life - for the sake of your family.

A Professional Organizer can help you gather all of your documents and put it together in an easy to follow format that you can grab and go in an emergency. Everything at your fingertips.
As a Professional Organizer, I have worked with Executors to help them clear out a family members' estate, find vital documents, pack up and send personal items to other family members, work with realtors, landscapers, auction houses and donation centers to clear out a house and get it ready to be sold. A Professional Organizer wears many hats!

For a great workbook that will help you organize your life I recommend:
Exit Stage Right, LLC - Workbooks for Organizing Your Life. Tell Jeanne that Montana sent you!
Now go and get started on your way to a more organized life!
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Member: Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD);
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