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Why Do I Believe In The Law Of Attraction? Part 1

By Pedro Avalos

Not long ago, I didn't believe in the law of attraction. I was the perfect prototype of a skeptic. Somewhere at the bottom of my heart I knew there could be something beyond our mainstream way of thinking, but I was not willing to waste my valuable time finding out what it was. Besides, I was afraid to be seen as ridiculous for talking about this subject.
I am an engineer with years of experience producing and maintaining big plants of more than 10,000 workers. Everything in my profession was planned according to studied rules, and we always tried to minimize the unpredictable. It worked. Our job was always satisfactory and went according to plan.

I grew up in a very strict environment. My father constantly emphasized the importance of staying within the bounds of science, because although science could be imperfect, it was the best information available. To climb the ladder of success and compete as a top industry executive I earned three Master's degrees: one in Business Administration, one in Finance, and one in Marketing. It was an honor for my father to be present at all my graduations.
I remember when big companies called me to work for them. I said "No," several times. On one occasion I was offered a good job in Houston, Texas earning about $4,000 a month, but I rejected it - just because I wanted to.

All of this suddenly changed when I stopped working after four and a half years in the industry because I thought I had already earned enough to retire. My friends and some relatives laughed at me because I was retiring so young. But now I understand that the Universe wanted to teach me a wonderful new way to be successful. That's why I didn't pay an expert copywriter to write this letter to you, because I want to communicate the essence of what really works without any marketing make-up.
Four years after I stopped working my life changed. Big companies would no longer accept me because of that long period of inactivity, so I had to accept poorly paid jobs just to survive. I went into deep debt, lost happiness, and began to appear older than my age. I would easily lose my temper, and any effort to improve my life just became worse.

At the point when I began to lose hope, I started reading books about the Law of Attraction. I was skeptical, but I had nothing left to lose.
After reading about 300 books on the subject, I was very confused about what was the first step, the second, and so forth. But ironically, the only way to prove whether this law worked was to follow the same scientific method I had always defended: understand the theory, put it into practice, and demonstrate whether it works.
So, despite the fact that I didn't have a clear schema of how to do things, I decided to practice the law of attraction to get a brand new car. I couldn't tell you whose method I used; I just combined everything I had read and did it my way. This is what I did:
First I envisioned a clear idea of what I wanted: a brand new car. I was going to get it in three months. Sometimes I think I just wanted to show that this law wouldn't work. But as a good scientist, I had to stick to the rules.
I visualized my car every day, but according to the law of attraction you have to feel as if you already have it. In your mind it is true despite your current circumstances. You have to convince yourself it is already yours and enjoy it profoundly; this is the only way for it to work.

So I followed the scientific method. I relaxed three times a day: when I woke up, right after lunch, and before sleeping.
During these exercises I visualized peaceful places like parks, forests, landscapes, beaches, colorful birds, quiet skies, and so forth. I convinced myself these places were true. Sometimes I imagined Albert Einstein telling me, "Never forget, my best tool as a scientist has been imagination." So little by little, I convinced my subconscious that what I was imagining was my truth, and I enjoyed it in my imagination. I imagined my happy face while driving the car.
Two months and 29 days passed by. I was deeper in debt, obtaining the same low income and still driving my old car. My credit card debt increased, partly because I often had to fix my car. "Aha!" I thought; I had finally demonstrated that the popular spiritual law of attraction doesn't work.
However, the daily practice had affected my subconscious more deeply than I imagined, because I was combining arguments from several books. I had read in other books that self talk makes a difference. So besides my three daily exercises, I also constantly checked my inner dialogue, and if disempowering thoughts crossed my mind I rapidly changed them into empowering thoughts.
I became an expert in this, convincing myself that it was not really me who was complaining but my fearful ego. I also learned to easily transform feelings and thoughts of anger or anxiety into happiness. With practice this became natural.
Despite this new mindset, it seemed that the theory hadn't worked... at least that's what I thought. However, I had also learned through my reading about combining thankfulness and detachment. These three months I had practiced being thankful all the time, even if events were not unfolding as I expected. One night before the end of the three months, I decided to practice detachment one more time.
I remember that it was a Wednesday, and I was going to bed around 10 pm. Usually I went to bed no later than 8 pm because I had to start working at 6 am and the place was not nearby. To be honest, that night I felt a little sad; I was deep in debt with my old car and my low income.
Even worse, my last hope in life, the law of attraction, seemed not to be working. I call it my last hope because at the beginning it was just an experiment for me. However, after almost three months (2 months and 29 days) my subconscious had begun to view it as hope, my only hope.
That night I was just going to sleep, willing to practice my exercise gratefully when the phone rang. I got mad. I was getting to bed late and something that never happened was happening now; it occurred to somebody to call me too late. It was my oldest sister.
"Come on!" I said in my mind, exasperated. My sister and I did not have the best relationship. When I was a kid she often treated me badly and would become upset with me because she said my mom spoiled me a lot. Besides, she was broke most of the time, and my first thought was that she was calling to ask for money or some kind of help.
What could I do for her with my low income, deep debt, old car and my last hope not working? But despite all this, I tried to be polite.
"Hi sister."
"Hi little kid."
"Why do you call me little kid?"
"Remember, you are the youngest brother in the family."
"Okay, anyway, what can I do for you, sister?"
"Do you remember that old property you advised me to buy years ago? And I almost died doing the impossible to pay for it."
"Come on," I thought, "she wants me to give her some money to pay the lawyer to arrange the property papers."
"Aha, what's up, sister?"
"Well, I sold it."
"Yes, I sold it, for ten times what I paid some years ago, thanks to your good advice. And now... "
"Now what; please tell me; remember, I wake up very early in the morning and you call me at this time of the night."
"I know, little kid, but I thought this gift is worth it."
"What gift?" I said.
"I am going to give you a new brand car as a gift, you know. I got plenty of money now to do that, and I never thought about it before, but for one reason or another I feel a strong feeling to give you a Chevrolet Optra LS with full equipment, brand new this year. And I am really convinced that you can't reject it."

This is part one of a two part article.  Part 2 appears in two days where you'll read the exciting finale!

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