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Seven Ways to Keep Your Cool During Difficult Economic Times

By Iris Fanning

Many people are experiencing stress, anxiety and difficult emotions due to this economic down turn.  It's important to keep this in perspective and learn tools and secrets to being productive, happy and more relaxed during this time.

1.  Tough Times Don't Last -  It's important to remember that any difficulty, stress or trauma is transient by nature.  You will get through this time just as your ancestors weathered the Great Depression, World Wars, losses and changes.  Your are hearty enough to get through this time in history.

2.  Change is a Natural Process -  Just like the natural flow of seasons or the cycle of birth, life, death and new birth...the economy is simply going through a change process.  While winter can seem less pleasant than spring, it is a natural and necessary part of the growth cycle.  We have enjoyed over 20 years of prosperity and little inflation.  We will enjoy a season of prosperity again and probably sooner than you think!

3. Focus on What is Good & Right in Your Life - It's easy to get drawn into the "Ain't it Awful" club at work and watching the news.  It's important to know what is going on in the world.  However, its just as important to draw your attention to what is going right in your life.  You can focus on love, relationships, the work you do have, your children, your health, nature, your pets, your friends, warm clothes, running water, heat and cooling, food...whatever is abundant in your life.

4. Cut Back Where Needed - Many people are unemployed or underemployed.  This is the time to cut back on wants and focus on needs.  Cut back on cell phones, electronics, eating out etc.  If you need to live with family or friends for a time, do so with grace.  Be a contributing member to your family in ways you can contribute.

5. Give a Little - Helping others is a sure way to lift your spirits.  Your time, wisdom, energy and attention are very powerful.  Give freely to others the gifts and strengths within you.  If your spouse is laid off be sure you give a bit more.  Their self esteem and confidence can be shaky.  This is not the time to be critical.  They need your encouragement, love and support.

6. Take Care of Yourself - The tendency can be to overeat, over drink, sleep or spend.  It's important to get out in nature.  Go for a walk for even 5 minutes.  Drink plenty of water.  Eat more lightly and consciously.

7. Stay Connected - Many studies have demonstrated that social connection with family, friends or work is vital to our well being.  Don't isolate yourself.  Be sure to reach out and stay involved with others for that heart connection.

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