Contenders - Motivational Video

"Every human in life has what it takes to get past what they're going through - if they decide to"

We all face those times in life when life's obstacles and circumstances seem to be resisting us, testing us to our limits, to varying degrees of difficulty.  For some it's the temptation to simply accept the mundane and not chose to do what it takes to achieve the kind of life that they're capable of.  For other's it's going through catastrophe and heartache.  But, if there's one thing we all need to know, it's that we all have what it takes within us to make it through.  We just need to be reminded of it.  That's what inspiration really is; it's when someone who's gone through stuff before you, has succeeded and now has turned back to remind you that you also have what it takes to make it through, just like they did.  God has put in you all you need to be in order to be who you're made to be.  This video is here to remind you of that!

To your overwhelming success

Simon Anderzon

-The Life Abundant Network


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