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3 Keys to Create a Life That You Love

By Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez, Ph.D

We all deserve to live a life that we absolutely LOVE! And it is possible! Too many people feel like they are stuck in a life that is not fulfilling. I have been there. And that can cause feelings of unhappiness and discouragement. But I have good news for you. You can create a life that you love, whatever that means for you. The three keys that are discussed in this article are definitely not the only three things you can do to create a life that you love, but they are three keys that can help you to jump-start the process!

1. The first thing you need to do is believe that you can create a life that you love:

If you don't believe it then the chance of it happening is going to be very slim. That is because what you believe in you are more likely to take action toward. And that is also because you are in a better position to manifest your desires when your belief system is in alignment with your desires. It is extremely hard to manifest the life you desire when there is doubt blocking the pathway. So when you believe that you can create the life you love that "gets the ball rolling!"

2. Describe what "a life that you love" looks like for you:

Picture the life that you dream about. Not the one that you currently see with your eyes, but the one that you see with your heart. Create a picture in your mind and don't leave anything out. Make sure that your picture is your picture and not the one you have created because that is what other people want your life to be. Use your own inspiration and your own power to create a life picture that resonates with you. And once you get the picture of your dream life you can write the details down in a notebook or on a piece of paper. And just don't toss the information to the side, put it somewhere that you are going to look at it often so that you can stay inspired and motivated.

3. Make it happen!

Now it is time to make it happen. That means it is action time! Your goal is to get the picture out of your head and into reality. What steps do you need to take? Do it one step at a time, keep moving, and don't stop until you are living the life you love. Is it that simple? Well yes and no. Yes, because it is not as difficult as you may think it is, and no because sometimes when we are on the road to up-leveling our life obstacles and struggles arise, but obstacles can be transformed into opportunities and struggle into success, so it is all about your mindset and your dedication. But creating a life that you love is totally possible for you!

Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez, Ph.D. is the founder of The Character and Self-Esteem (CASE) Institute, where she provides life coach training and certification programs to individuals to help them discover their divine purpose, and transform their purpose into profit, so that they can make a difference and more money.
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