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Reduce Your Stress by Knowing Your Personal Stress Profile

By Paula Eder

Stress. It's insidious and debilitating. It eats at your peace of mind, robbing you of sleep, adding pounds and wrinkles, and poisoning your moments.
But you know there's another way to live. Not only that, but your potential to grow more openhearted and at ease shines inside of you right now.
The key to your potential lies in becoming an expert on what triggers your stress. As you begin to see where your stress starts, you empower yourself - and that's a stress reducer in and of itself.
By simply taking the quiz below, you start to develop an overview. Then, by taking action to address your stress, you send yourself a powerful message.
You care!

It's a recipe for stress success. You're learning in advance when to expect stress. You're exploring ways to siphon stress out of your day. You ease up a little. You free yourself in small steps.
So let's get started with a quick quiz...

What's Your Stress Profile?

With this quiz, you discover your unique stress profile. Select as many answers per question as apply.

1. You feel stress in your body through:
a. Tension in your back, shoulders and jaw.
b. Sleeplessness.
c. Cravings or loss of appetite.
d. Inability to concentrate.
e. Irritability.
f. Other: _______________________________________________________

2. The following situations trigger a stress response:
a. Deadlines.
b. Others' demands on your time.
c. Concerns about friends or family members.
d. Chronic pain.
e. No down time.
f. Other: _______________________________________________________

3. List three times of day when you generally feel stressed.

4. How does your relationship to stress affect your time choices?
a. Chronically rushing.
b. Procrastinating.
c. Spending excessive time online or watching TV.
d. Getting to bed too late.
e. Making mistakes.
f. Other: _______________________________________________________

5. Powerful antidotes to stress for you are:
a. Setting boundaries.
b. Simplifying your life.
c. Letting go of attempts to control others.
d. Physical exercise.
e. Completing your projects on schedule.
f. Other: _______________________________________________________

6. With self-loyalty and compassion, take a careful look at how your Personal Stress Profile colors your outlook on life. Write a few words to describe what you see: _________________________________________________________

7. Validate yourself for having taken this time to thoughtfully look at your stress level and think about ways to reduce it. And keep this quiz nearby for reference. It will prove invaluable as you work to change your life for the better.
Key: YOU create stress. YOU release stress.

You can reduce your stress level by changing your time choices, one minute at a time. Regardless of your work situation, your financial pressures, or the needs and demands of friends and family, you possess infinite power to generate more inner harmony and flow.

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Offered by Paula Eder, Ph.D. The Time Finder Expert
Hi! I research topics such as self-development achievement and mental health. I have a passion to use my life experiences and research to help others reach their full potential.