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Transforming Negative Emotions Into Positive Feelings and Actions Part 1

Overview and Benefits

We spend a lot of time in pain from negative emotions such as anger, fear, hurt, worry, sadness, disappointment and jealousy etc. No one enjoys this, but it doesn't have to be this way. We can learn many ways to overcome and transform negative feeling and experiences. One of the greatest achievements and most important accomplishments we can have in life is to take control of our inner space; our emotions, thoughts, perceptions and attitudes. All are in the realm of personal choice if we know how to heal them. We're immersed in our own emotional energy every day whether it's positive or negative. We can learn to choose how we will feel and free ourselves from the unpleasant state of being taken over by emotions and acting in ways that don't help us while we're in their grip.

Emotions are a form of energy and each one produces a particular frequency either high or low. For example, feelings of peace, generosity and good will are high; feelings of judgment, self- doubt and rage are low. These frequencies sit within our energy field, and our habitual moods and feelings magnetically attract more of the same to us. They also go out into the world and negatively or positively affect others through our inter-penetrating energy fields. We are all connected energetically in the quantum field of energy that underlies all of life. Our emotions affect others as well as ourselves. They also produce harmful or beneficial chemical reactions and physical changes in the body affecting our health, which was researched and documented by Dr. Candace Pert in her book "Molecules of Emotion."

Negative emotions are so powerful that they must be countered by an equally powerful intention and decision to transform them and be peaceful. With a strong intention to change and lots of practice, we will feel so much better!
Benefits of taking control of our Emotions:
1.) We stop lashing out at others which can ruin relationships and destroy trust.
2.) We attract more positive events and experiences into our lives magnetically.
3.) It is much smoother for us to accomplish our goals when we carry positive energy.
4.) Our health improves.
5.) Our relationships improve.
6.) Our self-esteem improves and we feel good about ourselves.
7.) We become much more successful personally and professionally. People back away from a negative energy field because it feels unpleasant, even unsafe to them.
8.) We stop wasting time going over and over the hurts, slights, disappointments, resentments, pain and fears we have.
9.) We let go of burdens and feel much more optimistic about life.

We feel we are much more in control of our destiny and stop being victims.
By releasing and transforming our painful emotions, we keep our energy system clean and feel fresh to start each new day. Systematically, we can also release pain from the past that has accumulated over years and weighed us down. In the next 3 parts of this article, I will show you many ways to release and transform your emotions and your life. It is in your hands. The law of cause and effect states that what you send out comes back to you. Choose to send peace, harmony, good will, confidence, strength, kindness, respect and generosity. Emotions, thoughts, attitudes and the way we choose to perceive situations matter. Elevating self is highly rewarding in multiple ways!
I will present you with ways to observe, stop, release, transform and replace painful emotions in Part 2.

Carole Cravath has worked in the fields of counseling and teaching for over 30 years and has developed unique activities to help people heal and transform their lives.