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The Only Way Affirmations Can Work

Have you ever set out to accomplish goals before? This seems like a silly question for you super achiever doesn't it?
The chances are that you have tried many of them for quite a while. However the more important question is, have you followed through on any of them?

Don't beat yourself up too much if you haven't. Most people don't.
The problem is that even though people think they want something, they dislike change. They find it uncomfortable to change their established behaviors and action patterns. It's scary to step into the territory of unknown after all.
It could also be that what is needed to be done to accomplish those goals is not as glamorous as they first thought. For instance, it's easier to come up with an excuse rather than go to the gym. And as they stay in the inertia for too long, it will get harder and harder to take action every time.

If you want to make affirmations work, you will need to accept the changes you desire.
This seems so fundamental, and yet people delude themselves all the time. Another problem is that they give up way too quickly. If they use an affirmation and don't see results immediately, they pass them off as not working, or it wasn't meant to be.
When affirmations do start to work, people can become fearful of the new result as it is changing who they think they are. Their identities become part of those changes, and that can scare the previous version of themselves.

Another situation that arises is when speaking about your changes or affirmations to others.
They may pass them off as superstition or have other misgivings about the practice. Some people may even tease you about your irrational belief of using them. In the end, you will be the better person as you grow from your journey. This doesn't help in the short-term when people are picking on you about what you are doing.
If you can get past the doubters and even your own self-doubt, you will be well on your way to having something wonderful happen to you. Plus, you will set the stage to have many other wonderful things happen in your life.
You can take command of your life and can repeat this as many times as you want something.
You just need to make sure you are mentally prepared for those changes to occur. Change does not come easily to many and may take a bit of time to break through barriers you hold.

One way to handle change is to start out slowly.
Don't try to enact too many changes at once as this can overwhelm you. Take small incremental steps and get used to each change, then increase them when you feel comfortable in doing so. When you're willing to baby step your way to change, you will eventually arrive your ultimate destination.

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