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10 Practical Tips and Tricks for Stress Relief

"Take Control of Your Health Naturally"

1. Plan Ahead - Whether it is getting the family ready in the morning or planning a trip, getting everything ready ahead of time always relieves the stress of rushing around trying to get everyone out the door. It also relieves the press of forgetting something as you have thought about it ahead of time.

2. Deep Breaths - Stressful situations arise on a daily basis. Usually, your heart rate goes up, which makes your blood pressure rise. Take in a deep breath, counting to ten and then release the air slowly. This will give you a minute to regroup and calm your little britches down!

3. Stretch - Stand up, move around, and stretch your legs, arms and shoulders. Most people carry all their stress in their shoulders. By stretching you are releasing some of the stress that you are carrying in your shoulders.

4. Get Enough Sleep - The average person does not get enough sleep. This causes us to be cranky to begin with. It also causes us to gain weight. Not to mention adds stress to our lives. You will be shocked what a good night's sleep will do for you. Natural Sleep

5. Do It Tomorrow - Sometimes you just have to decide to do it tomorrow. The dishes will wait. It is not going to hurt for them to sit one more night. When it comes down to dishes or sleep?... laundry or sleep? Well folks, sleep has to win sometimes!

6. Drink Herbal Tea - Chamomile is a natural stress reliever and it is quite tasty too!

7. Take A Hot Bath/Shower - Soak in a hot tub with Herbal Bath Oils. These are natural stress relievers. If you don't have time for a leisurely bath. A hot shower will do in a pinch.

8. Drink A Glass of Wine - Wine has been used for a bazillion years as a relaxant. Science has discovered just how influential the power of being relaxed can be in both stress-release and in fighting illness.

9. Aromatherapy & Soft Music - Get out those essential oils and turn on the soft music. There is nothing that will calm down your senses like some lavender and Bach!

10. Cut Down Your Caffeine Intake - Caffeine is a stimulant. Carbonated drinks, tea, and a lot of the energy drinks are chalked full of caffeine. This will cause you to become irritable and cranky. Replace them with some water instead

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