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Be Somebody Nobody Thought You Could Be

By Sergei Vanbellinghen
When you want to be somebody nobody thought you could be, you should feel inspired by other's successes. But numerous people feel envious or jealous, even becoming bitter towards successful individuals. However, through sheer determination, you can create a life full of achievements.

Would you choose to create success for yourself or let envy define it for you? How can you push forward to become a successful you? Is someone else's success making you envious? Are you ready to make things happen in your life?
We all feel the need to prove to the world that we could become the person we want to be and realize our dreams. But first, to do this, you have to believe you can be somebody at any time. You just have to decide to make it so through hard work, persistence, determination, and conviction.

Age is and can never a barrier! When other people think that you could not be somebody, you have to make their perception wrong. You need to push yourself to the limits, proving you have what it takes to make whatever you choose to do.
So, when someone achieves a goal, becomes successful, gets praised or makes a lot of money, you have a choice to be bitter, or you to feel inspired by their accomplishments.
Get Inspired Instead of Jealous
While growing up, in the former Soviet Union, I was an athlete who participated in competitions like horse vaulting and horse racing. You have to learn swiftly, that to be somebody, you have to copy, study and acquire the skills to beat the best.

You have to practice, train and push yourself to surmount the barriers in your way, keep going after failures arise and resist the fears and doubts you might have. It is hard when you always compare yourself to others, but even harder when your coach compares you to someone else and criticizes all you do.
Yet, when you look at it, it is how life is. No matter the world you live in! You are always in competition with other people because you are relating to someone else and what they have achieved.
However, to be somebody nobody thought you could be, you need to look in the mirror and see that your only competition is you. Therefore, you have to learn to turn other's successes to your advantage and let it be an inspiration instead of some threat and intimidation.

Push Yourself to Be Somebody

In school, I never was the smartest one in the room, unless it was biology class. I was pretty quiet and bright, but never the most intelligent one. I quit standard schooling at the age of fourteen because I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I was going to be a sports athlete since I began riding horses at the tender age of three.

Therefore, many people were against my decision, and some of them even hoped I would fail. So I let that hatred motivate me to be somebody. I was going to push myself and fight for what I wanted. And that is the way I succeeded in most of the things I undertook over the years.

So, you have to put yourself out there and take a chance. Your dreams can come true if you believe beyond the shadow of doubt and work without ever giving up. It does not matter if it is something you want for years; it can finally become yours, even when others try to knock you down.

Be Somebody Nobody Thought You Could Be

I was often told that I would amount to a significant zero because I quit formal education and began to travel. I still had some schooling in between competitions, and I read a lot. What hurt me the most is when I discovered that most of the people I called relatives and friends laughed and doubted my success.

I even questioned myself. Could I ever be somebody? Maybe I am not as smart as I think I am. Doubt and fear had entered my mind, and I did not like the feeling. So, I decided to change the odds in my favor.
You have to make it clear in your mind that your success is being negatively judged and predicted by other people, and that is only their opinion of you, not yours.

Prove People Wrong

So, to prove people wrong and to be somebody, you need to work hard and show yourself you are good enough. You could arrive early at work for example. In all the jobs I had, I always came 1 hour before my shift started, often before any supervisors would get in.

I came in just to get better ready, memorize or learn things, read what I missed on the days I was not present and make sure to have the advantage over the best ones. You have to believe and want to be the best at what you are doing.
To be somebody, you need to want to succeed at one hundred percent.

The Journey to Be Somebody

My journey in life led me to become an entrepreneur. It changed my outlook regarding which path I should consider taking. Success is never an easy path because you always face obstacles and failures.

You will face countless losses on the road but the thought of, being somebody nobody thought you could be, acts as a fuel lighting the fire.
Another valuable advice I could give you is to surround yourself with confident and ambitious people, and you will become just like them. When you want to be somebody, you have to work hard and be persistent, day-in and day-out. You might call it crazy or obsessed, but I call it determination.

You only fail when you quit! You may consider that there is no way around an obstacle, barrier or wall during your journey to be somebody but all things in life are a risk. Without action, there is no change and always seems impossible until it is done by someone else. Wouldn't you instead think it could be you?

Be Somebody's Final Word

So yes, just like me, you may not be the smartest of the bunch, but you can make sure you are the one working the hardest in the room. If you want to be somebody, success should be something you take seriously. And do not let anyone's pessimistic point of view on your future success bring you down.

As a result, to be as successful as any other entrepreneur out there, you have to get motivated by their successes. You need to challenge those who oppose you or believe what you can and cannot do. Be somebody nobody thought you could be. And the next time you see someone succeeding, let them inspire you to do the same.

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