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Life Lessons From Our Dogs

By Iris Fanning

This past week has been filled with highs and lows. My husband, Ken, traveled to San Diego to bring our son home for the summer from college. I was looking forward to spending some time with our son, Sean.

This same week our beloved Boston Terrier Mix dog, Lucky, became gravely ill. He hung on until my guys got home. Then it became apparent that he was in pain and his system was shutting down. There's no need for the details. We took Lucky to the vet yesterday morning and at age 19 he passed on his own a minute or two after we left the room.
What do we learn from our beloved dogs and cats? Here are a few things I learned from Lucky.

* There's always time for fun & play.

* Simply be happy when you're with the people you love.

* A walk is always in order.

* Stop & smell the flowers, grass and clean air.

* Food is good. So is water.

* Stretch

* Show others your appreciation.

* Sleep well. Don't worry.

* Back scratches are great!

* Pay attention and comfort others when they feel sad or upset.

* Don't hold a grudge.

* When you've done something wrong, be sad and apologize. Then go run & have fun.

* Look others in the eyes.

* Play in the snow.

* Have the energy of a young pup all your life.

* Assume that others love you unless proven otherwise.

* Love unconditionally

This week I invite you to stop and think about the lessons you've learned from your animals. Then take those lessons into your own life.

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