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The Secret to Being Attractive

By Vyara Bridgeman

How many times have you wished you were smarter, younger, fitter, slimmer and better? And why?
I often observe intelligent people who do well in life and intelligent people who don't. I have met beautiful individuals who are well liked and successful, but I have also met countless of miserable beauties. I have seen slim people full of happiness, and I have also seen slim people drowning in depression.

So, do you have to look good to feel good? Do you have to look good to do well? Of course you don't! If you want people to be drawn to you, you need something else.
When it comes to being attractive, be it in your social, sexual or professional life, the first thing to look at is your personal confidence; second one is the degree to which you live out your passion.
Surely, there is nothing attractive about a slim beauty that is self-conscious, feels lost and doesn't have any interests or passion. People are drawn to interesting people full of life. Vitality is contagious and attractive. Emptiness and self-consciousness are boring and tiring. If you live life purposefully and passionately, you will be like a magnet to other people and you will certainly reap great success in your life.

Have you seen fashion shows? What's attractive about the models on the runway is the confidence they project. Even though sometimes they wear ridiculous clothes, funny hairdos and cold expressions on their faces, they still come off as extremely attractive simply because they carry themselves with confidence (which may or may not be authentic but that's a different story).
So the rule goes like that: the more confident and purposeful you are, the more attractive to other people you will look. Of course the personal confidence is bound to also get reflected in your physical appearance: the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress, and the way you take care of yourself overall. But confidence and passion come first. Without those, your looks are "empty". With no life in your body you are not a very interesting person, therefore people won't be interested in you, they won't be drawn to you.
Have you heard the old saying "Beauty comes from within"? Well, it does! So if you want to look attractive and be successful (sexually, socially and professionally), you need to be confident and purposeful in life.

Vyara Bridgeman is an Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner who works with patients from all over the world suffering a variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions. To find out more about Vyara's BodyTalk practice, what her clients say about her, and how she can help you achieve a balanced body-mind, visit:

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