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Do You Have A Big Dream And Don't Know Where To Start?

By Suzette Vearnon

What do you do if you have a big dream and don't know where to start? This is going to sound strange. In fact, it's going to be quite counterintuitive.

Get still.

Go somewhere and sit down. Yes, sit down. Take time to process this big dream that has tapped you on the shoulder and enlisted you. Suppress the inclination to dive head first into busyness. Instead, take time to get your bearings. Tune into your inner voice to hear the heart beat of your dream and what your unique gifts, talents and skills bring to it.

Get educated.

T.D. Jakes, in his book Instinct, cautions us to get acquainted with our new surroundings. Find out the law of the jungle before announcing to the world, "I'm here! It can mean the difference between surviving or getting eaten by a lion. It's not because you are defective or you are on the wrong path. Life simply wants you to succeed so it gives you time to get ready.

A mentor is a great place to start!

Mentors help you develop the skills and the sensibilities that you'll need. They alert you of the pitfalls and the best time to go to the watering hole to get a drink of water. They know the jungle and help you navigate it.
If you cannot identify a person immediately, remember that mentors come in various forms. An often underestimated resource is books. Media can be a great mentor as well. YouTube videos and TEDx talks can introduce you to thought leaders and people who offer free webinars and affordable options for your development.

Get moving.

What I like to say to my clients is this, "Knowledge is only power if you know how to use it." This is where a coach is most needed. She or he helps you get out of your head or running around in circles to devising a strategic plan to get you moving in the right direction.

In fact, studies show that out of the numerous benefits of coaching one is accelerating progress.

Get all in.

Every single part of your life has been enlisted by your dream. Resistance is futile. Just as a baby owns your body for 9 months, your dream owns you until its done. Your role is to nurture it all the way. You nurture it by taking impeccable care of yourself. Eat healthy. Take your vitamins. See your doctor regularly. Let others help you. Get plenty of sleep. Take care of your mental and emotional health.

The closer you get to your dream, the more it will require of you. All too often, dreamers increase their busyness but do not strengthen their core. Getting still, educated, moving and being all in will help you to endure the rigors and help you to be better when you arrive.

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