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When You Feel Like Quitting: Remember Why You Started! - Motivational Sp...

If you're someone who is on the journey to fulfil your dreams, you'll either be one of two people.  Either someone who has already realised how hard it can be and has already felt that 'it's just too hard' feeling and the temptation to give up that runs with it, or you're someone who will feel it eventually.  It's only a matter of time.   Here's a video which really refuels the passion and inspires you to keep going when you feel like things are getting difficult.  Remember:  The dream inside is evidence that you have what it takes to achieve it; it is your destiny! 

To your success,

Simon Anderzon

-The Life Abundant Network
Hi! I research topics such as self-development achievement and mental health. I have a passion to use my life experiences and research to help others reach their full potential.