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5 Tips to Take Control of Your Mind and World Using Affirmations

You are a powerful creator. We all are. Every day with the thousands and thousands of thoughts that run through your head, you are creating your reality. If you are not happy with any aspect of your life, you have the power to change it. That's right, you, and only you, have the power. So, why hasn't anybody ever told you this before? It certainly wasn't because they were keeping a secret from you. Most likely, it was because they didn't know.

Don't think that you are capable of manifesting anything?
Think about all the different thoughts you let roam freely in your mind. Those thoughts can range from "do they like me?" "Do the kids have any activities after school today?" "Oh no, I hope my co-workers don't ask me to go to lunch" or "why don't my co-workers ever ask me to lunch?" "I don't know why you got promoted, I deserved that promotion." Just think about what a busy place your mind is. Only you know the thoughts you have and never share with anyone. Most of those thoughts are ego based, I don't mean ego in a negative way. You are the center of your world so of course, everything revolves around you. If you are unhappy with any part of the world your chaotic thoughts have created why not simply create something better? So many people are unaware that their thoughts are creating the good and bad things in their lives, they simply let their world run on auto-pilot. Affirmations are just one way to bring clarity and positive things into your life.

Affirmations can help you to get clear on the things you would like to bring into your life. Once you start to focus on the positive, you will start to bring more positive into your life. Whatever you focus on, whatever you see, you will always draw more of that to you. For example, if you are constantly saying "I hate driving with idiots. Why is it that all the nuts are out when I'm driving." Guess what, that's an affirmation. Your mind doesn't hear sarcasm and so your wish is its command. Just like that you have created and successfully manifested for yourself just what your mind was focused on, driving with idiots.

Affirmations are positive statements about something you would like to bring into your life. You could easily affirm for yourself, "I am surrounded by courteous and competent drivers, at all times." I know which one I'd rather have.
It's easy for us all to focus on the negative. It's easy to run on auto-pilot. It's also easy for us to take control of our world, to see the positive in situations and then focus on that positive and draw more positive into your world.

The person who learns to control their thoughts can have and do whatever they can visualize for themselves; everything is there for you just waiting for you to create it and bring it into being.
Here are some tips to get you started with affirmations.

1. Always start your affirmation by focusing on the positive.
2. Your affirmation should only be about you. Why? Because we all have free will. You must never try to force or bend someone to your will. Respect other peoples choices (Yes, this can be challenging).
3. Whenever you say the words I AM, be aware of the next thing you say or think. I AM is one of the many names of God. When you say (or think) I AM you activate the God power within yourself and connect to universal energy. It doesn't matter what name you call God or if you even believe in God, it works just the same. Just like gravity, it works whether you believe in it, think about it, or not. Whenever you say I AM you start to create and bring what you have affirmed into your life.

4. Take control of your world and your mind by choosing your words and your thoughts carefully. Don't allow your mind to run on auto-pilot give it something positive to focus on.
5. Discover the power of silence, even in the midst of noise and activity. Just a few moments of silence with your eyes closed or open can relax your body and shift a busy mind into deeper peace.

You may not always find the time to meditate, but you can still experience sitting in the silence at any time.
Even with your eyes wide open, you can mindfully rest in the presence of peace within. Focus on the easy rhythm of your breath and bring your awareness to the sacred space of your heart. By focusing on your breath and your heart you'll find you are only a thought away from inner peace. Allow yourself to drop into the silence and visit this holy sanctuary within your heart to find deep inner peace.

Try affirmations out for yourself become the powerful creator I know you are. Experiment with affirmations, gratitude and focusing on the positive and watch your life change for the better.
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