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Have the Courage to Stop Chasing What Is Not Working

By Ralph Nyadzi

Many of us have on several occasions heard the saying "quitters never win, and winners never quit" and similar others. The place of persistence in the self-improvement message is well grounded and jealously guarded.
True, if one really wants to succeed at any task, one must be willing to stick to it when the inevitable obstacles begin to show up.You cannot go through life touching everything and pulling your hands off as soon as you begin to face challenges. It goes without saying that those who achieve a great deal in their endeavours are the ones who do not give up easily even when faced with lack of early success.
So persistence is good. But does that mean we must remain stubbornly resolute even when all the signs are showing that the probability of our succeeding even in the distant future is almost down to zero? I don't think so.

Unfortunately, this is what many of us who toil every day to transform our lives, our businesses and our relationships keep on doing. We find it difficult to stop pursuing dreams which have become nothing other than pipedreams.
Though we may hide behind the old persistence mantra and use it to justify our actions, there are often other factors which render us incapable of ditching whatever is not working in our lives.
In my personal experience, I've discovered that a strong emotional attachment to a once-profitable, most beloved business or a previously wonderful relationship could be the one thing preventing anyone from cutting their losses, dumping the whole show and moving in a different direction.
But there is a more sinister factor - fear.
The fear of being laughed at or being called a failure or a quitter is, in fact, responsible for many instances of people refusing to let go of doomed personal projects in order to take a different route.
Whatever the cause, one thing is certain. When you come to a point when it is absolutely clear that, that struggling pet project of yours will never make a comeback you'll know it, somehow. Your intuition will persistently flash the red light.
That is exactly when you have to stop pretending that everything will soon be fine. Because you know in your heart of hearts that it won't happen, no matter what you do. The passion is gone, the losses are mounting and the whole atmosphere is filled with a feeling of fatigue.
Gather the courage to say goodbye to that doomed business. Get realistic, for once.  Make a move away from that relationship which is only draining you mentally, physically and emotionally.
A pragmatic attitude will quickly help you to stop chasing a wild goose. For all you know, all around you are folks who are sympathetic to your situation and are praying that you'll be bold enough to call it quits. Rather than laugh at you, they are eager to applaud your bold and wise decision to let go.
As soon as you are able to dump what is doomed to failure, you will see your way clear to behold new possibilities with amazing prospects on the horizon.

Hi. My name is Ralph Nyadzi, founder of RN Digital Media, an online platform dedicated to the production and sharing of self-improvement information. I am a freelance writer, independent teacher, and life coach. I love learning new things and helping others to move to the next level. My background includes qualifications in English, Classics and Educational Psychology. I am a recipient of The Dean's Award for Academic Excellence from my alma mater, the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. My hobbies include cooking and gardening. I live in the Central Region of Ghana. Visit to learn more about my work and services.

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