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7 Surefire Ways To Reduce Holiday Stress

By Anand Kumar

Holiday seasons are filled with great expectations - family gatherings, reunions, gifts galore, parties, feasts, etc. However, it can be a stressful period if you don't handle it well. Here are seven steps you need to take in order to reduce your stress level during the holiday.

  1. Plan ahead of time: Creating a timeline in advance and adhering to it will make your job easier. This is very important so that you don't muddle things up - you wouldn't want to put yourself in the stress of mailing the family gifts on a day you will be baking cookies for children's holiday school party. You can also set aside a weekend before the holiday starts to prepare cards and update letters so that the whole family will be encouraged to get involved.
  2. Rest more: When you are tired, your stress level builds up. As a result of this, you should endeavor to sleep early in order to get the best quality of sleep, especially when you don't have night parties. If you are having difficulties in getting quality sleep, you can make use of food supplements especially natural products which do not have major side effects.
  3. Meditate daily: Daily meditation is very vital for banishing worries. Choose a comfortable time daily for meditation and make sure you are religiously committed to it. There are ayurvedic meditations that are very good for your mind and body.
  4. Balance the emotions to avoid holiday blues: It is possible that the holiday period brings emotional trauma for some people due to painful memories or family conflict. If you find yourself in this type of situation, you should not let the trauma lead you to eating too much which can lead to weight gain and skin breakout after the holiday.
  5. Let your mind be steady when under pressure: Not minding your best-laid plans, there may come a time in your holiday when you have to choose between several choices - attending multiple parties, choosing the right gift, organizing family gatherings and so on. This can overwhelm the mind, but at this point, you need to calm down and give yourself a break.
  6. Look good: When you look good, you will definitely feel good. You can make a list of things you will do for yourself during the holiday apart from wining and dining. You can get the best massage especially with ayurvedic massage oil and you will be left with a genuine holiday glow.
  7. Be creative: Look for ways to make your next holiday unique. Think of places you have not visited before, think of events you have not participated in before, think of resorts you are yet to see, etc. By thinking outside the box, you will surely have a great holiday and in fact, a stress free one.

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