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Self Love Isn't Selfish! Daily Practice of These 9 Things Will Enrich Your Life

By Nicole Lawler

Self-love isn't selfish;

it's necessary in creating your own personal bliss. The most pure foundation for building any relationship is to have it based on love. Loving the self is no different. Truly you can only love and accept others to the extent that you love and accept yourself. And an important key to raising your energy vibration within is to embody a high level of self acceptance.

Research show that physically cleaning the clutter from your home, a room or your office helps one to be more productive and successful. This holds true for mental cleansing, as well. Practicing self-love is a mental cleansing of sorts. It will help you to clear out your consciousness, much of the old programming, that does not serve you to the highest good, with ease and grace. Self-love is so important because the root of almost any illness, relationship problem and financial challenge has come from an aspect of you, that you do not love and accept fully.

Practice doing these 9 things daily to stay on the mastery track of self-love, and enrich your life.

Don't Give Your Power Away to Others:

Society is in a lot of ways structured around giving your power to others and it begins in childhood. We're taught to give our power to our parents, teachers, peers, etc. This often continues as we mature; then giving our power to our boss, our partners, and our friends. Know that your personal power is a gift and when you give it away, you often times wind up feeling depleted of your own personal passion and enjoyment in life. Stand up for you and take your power back. Be in charge and responsible for your own happiness. Don't you deserve that much?

Saying NO is OK:

Taking care of you first is your right and is healthy for you. As a person that always put myself last, I realized that I often felt that I should help everyone no matter what the cost. Or, I would spend time with someone I loved even though I knew that they would bring me down and deplete my energy. I later realized that the cost was my health. Spending time with someone who depleted my personal energy or saying yes to something that I knew wasn't good for me, made me sick. Today, I know my worth, and have enough self-love to say NO to things that aren't good for me because it's necessary. I hope you do too.

Stop Taking Things Personally:

When you do anything in your life, know that you're doing it for you and for your well-being. The same goes for others. Nothing anyone does or says has anything to do with you. Yet sometimes we interpret something that was not the intention of the other person. And this, my friends, comes from a place of fear, ego, or lack of self-love. Don't take things personally. Just breathe a few deep breaths while breathing in love to your being. You'll soon realize that it had nothing to do with you but everything to do with them.

Stop Being a Perfectionist:

There are always ways to improve, but nothing in this world is perfect. You're only setting yourself up for failure when you hold yourself to a higher standard than reasonably possible. And certainly don't compare yourself to others as everyone is unique with different strengths and talents. So try to focus every day on your gifts, talents and things you've done well. The minute flaws of non-perfection you may have are only learning opportunities on how to do things better; not failure. As a recovering fellow perfectionist, this was a rough one for me. Today I can say with confidence, "I'm not perfect, and it's OK!" Try to just accept that nothing is perfect in this world... including you.

Stop Beating Up on Yourself:

Being a recovering perfectionist, I was gifted at sitting in my head with my mistakes for a long time and beating myself up. Again, the object of the game here, is to learn from those mistakes so that we may do it better next time; then move on. Sometimes, old habits do die hard though, so try to recognize the energetic damage pattern that your creating by beating yourself up and just stop it in that moment. Realize that this is not self-love, and that your better than that! I will just say this... "I know it's easier said than done, but keep working on it!" Your that important!

Don't Take on Other People's Stuff:

Most people who care about others are truly sensitive, empathetic and kind-hearted and we tend to take on other people's stuff right and left. We tend to think that in some way we are or can help them out. The energetic reality is just the opposite. You cannot take their stuff. They can only rid themselves of their stuff, the same as you. But if you take their stuff, now you both have it and you can truly make yourself sick over it. Take it from someone who always got sick because of others. Again, hard habit to break, but I'm proud to say that I don't live there anymore. I only occasionally visit, and that's OK.

Stop Rescuing Others:

This is perhaps the hardest and most painful lesson to learn. As a healer I want everyone I work with to heal and get better. I always want the very best for my friends and family. Know this: The only person you can rescue or save is yourself. Remember that saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink."? It's no different with people. They have to be ready for themselves. When you try to rescue another, you only end up taking on more of their stuff. Again, still bad for them, and then bad for you too, in epic proportions.

Stop Complaining:

Guilty as charged here when I was sick and couldn't get better for a long time. I have to say though, that now I try to always look as the positive side of things. And when I have bad moments or days, I no longer beat myself up about it. At the end of the day, when you complain all of the time, the law of attraction says that you become a magnet for negativity. I can promise you that this is true; said from personal experience.

Go with Your Passion Daily:

Most children do exactly what it is that they love. I realize along with maturity and adulthood, comes responsibility, but you should still do something you love daily. Not everyone is in a job that they love and the theory is that you need a job to survive so you stay in a passionless state. In this scenario, one has two options: Find a new job that aligns more with what it is that you love, or stay in the current job, and find what you are passionate about outside of work. Set yourself up with something you look forward to every day. If you spend your entire life doing things that bring you no joy, you are not creating a joyful life for yourself.

With a lack of self-love, often people end up with an imbalance in some way, shape, or form, which then creates an illness to act as a signal or wake-up call to take a look at things. Said person (this was me) blows off the wake-up call and goes about their daily business. Since the core issue has not been addressed, the second signal or wake-up call the body sends out is likely to be more severe and more dramatic and harder to deal with. This for me, was thyroid cancer. Today, I consider a wake-up call a great gift. I have learned in my life to sincerely appreciate with the most gratitude, the little things in life. I also listen a bit closer to my body than ever before. Once could say that I learned the lesson!! I hope you never have to learn the lesson! Listen to what your body is telling you... it's that important!

Nicole Lawler will show you different healing modalities for your mind, body, & spirit. At the end of the day, it's all about loving and healing YOU!

Hi! I research topics such as self-development achievement and mental health. I have a passion to use my life experiences and research to help others reach their full potential.